BUY 1 GIVE 1: For every Rag Purchased, RAGS Will Donate a Rag to a Local Children's Hospital


How do I put a Rag on my child?

Our one-piece Rag features a patent-pending dynamic neckline, which stretches to allow your little one's whole body through. After placing legs through the leg holes, shimmy the Rag up and easily slide little arms in and out. It's a breeze putting on and taking off Rags, and so much faster and better than buttons and snaps! See our fun  “how to video” for a better look at the Rag in action. 

How do I determine which size Rag, tee, or dress to purchase for my kiddo?

Measure your kiddo and compare their measurements to our sizing chart.

Our products fit true to size, but keep in mind that fit depends on your child and fit preference. If you like the 'baggier' look, or your child is currently between sizes, we recommend sizing up for longer wearability. You can always roll the leg cuffs on our Rag.

**We are proud that our product is hand-sewn; please note, a 1/2 inch variance in size is industry standard.** 

I have a crawling baby or small toddler; how will the Rag (romper) hold up?

Rags are ideal for your little one! Soft and stretchy, they allow your child to move comfortably without restriction! Like any children's clothing item, our RAGS products are subject to wear and tear. 

The item I want is out of stock, when will it be restocked?

Our limited edition styles rarely restock, as they are produced in limited quantities. 

What fabrics do you use?

Most of our apparel items are made with a very soft, stretchy fabric. When shopping, please read each product description for further details on that specific product. 


How do I care for and launder my Rags? Will it shrink?

We love the cozy hand-feel, breathability, and the low maintenance nature of cotton. We believe this is the best fiber choice for your kiddos. Due to the nature of cotton, a small amount of shrinkage may occur.

We strongly suggest washing RAGS items in cold water and tumble dry on low, or hang to dry. For best results, do not wash together with abrasive items, such as jeans or zippered items. 

**Do not use stain removers containing peroxide as it can cause garment discoloration.**

Sometimes I see small pinhole specks in the fabric. Is that normal? 

There is nothing we love more than to see your littles in the hottest designs. In order to create these designs, we use multiple methods of fabric printing. Due to the nature of the digital printing process, some items may have pinhole size spots where some of the fabric base shows through. Small specks are completely normal. 

I purchased two different styles of Rags in the same size; why does there seem to be a size variation between the two? 

We are passionate about the fit of our Rags and we know you are, too. Our clothing is cut by hand and sewn by hand to ensure the highest quality. Slight variations within a size range may occur, due to the different fabric content between styles and the handmade nature of the Rags.

There has always been a slight size variation and our products will continue to have a slight variation due to the processes mentioned above.

Please note, there is a small size variation between different body styles. For instance, dolman sleeves will fit differently in the chest than a standard sleeve.

I purchased two of the same item; why is there a variation in color?

Our unique fabrics and prints are custom made! Due to dying techniques used to create custom fabrics, colors may vary slightly.



Are items in my cart held until I checkout?

No. Items in your cart are not held. All items go to the first customer to complete the purchase. 

When will my pre-order items ship? 

**ANY PRE-ORDER item will ship within the specified window stated in product details when purchasing. Anything ordered with a pre-order item will NOT ship separately; all items will be shipped together when the pre-order ships. Our fulfillment center is unable to do split-shipping or combine orders for any reason.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We love sending RAGS around the world! Due to our awesome licensing deal with Disney, we are only allowed to sell collaborative items to the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, Guam, and Puerto Rico. 

Shipping charges vary depending on where you live and the weight of your order.

We do try to keep taxes and duties as low as possible, however, you will be responsible for your own country’s sales tax and any customs fees.

What is your return policy?

“Please see our POLICIES” page. 

Where is my order?

We can't wait for you to get your order! Check out your order status here.

We hope to ship all orders, both domestic and international, within 3-5 business days of purchase date. 

We generally ship faster but please allow 3-5 business days for your order to leave our fulfillment facility. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking information. That confirmation email, and all correspondence from us, will go through the email address that you input at time of purchase. 

My order's tracking shows 'delivered' but I haven't received it. What do I need to do?

Unfortunately we are unable to track down a package once it has been shown as 'delivered'. We cannot issue refunds on lost packages.

If an order is stuck in 'pre-shipment' or tracking never shows 'delivered', please contact our CS team to look into it at 


If you are sold out of an item in one size, can I buy another size of the same item and exchange it later?

We do not recommend buying the incorrect size to exchange for an out of stock size because we are not able to hold items for exchange. We also do not restock most limited items.

What if I put the wrong shipping address at the time of purchase?

It is very important for customers to provide the correct shipping information at checkout. We will ship to the shipping address given at the time of checkout. RAGS is not responsible for packages delivered to an incorrect address. If you notice that the shipping address input is incorrect, please contact us ASAP and we will see if there is a possibility for us to intervene. We cannot guarantee we can make a change but will do our best!

Can I alter my order before it has shipped?

We are not able to combine shipping on multiple orders placed, as all orders are shipped individually.

Please be sure you are checking out with the correct items as we are not able to alter an order once it has been placed.

Our fulfillment center frequently ships within hours of ordering.

On RELEASE DATES only: If you notice a discrepancy on your order, please email us within ONE hour of the release time at We cannot guarantee that we will be able to intervene before processing, but we will do our best. We are not able to cancel an order once processing has begun. 

I believe my item is defective:

Please see our 'Defective Items' section in POLICIES.


Do you offer wholesale purchasing?

Yes! You can apply here