When Rachel created the 'Rag', she wanted something that didn't yet exist in the marketplace -- kid's clothing that focused on fit, fashion, and function.

A departure from the traditional, the concept for the Rag was foreign in 2014 -- no snaps and an elastic neckline. Harrison, Rachel's youngest son, was only 10 months old when the RAGS craze began. A wriggly babe, she wanted something that was easy on, easy off. As it turns out, so did thousands of other moms and the rest is history.

Let's dive into the functionality of Rags and why it sets us apart from any other children's clothing brand out there.


Rags are unique because of their functionality. Soft, stretchy fabric and our patent-pending elastic neckline make RAGS the parents outfit of choice for kiddos. Simply put your littles legs through, shimmy the Rag over the torso, and easily slide little arms in and out. Easy on, easy off!

Our elastic neckline reinforces the shape of the Rag so it never gets stretched out. Premium comfort for your littles and ease for parents when changing outfits. WIN-WIN! Anything to make mom and dad's lives easier is a touchdown in our books. Parents also love Rags because it is one outfit (no needing to match tops and bottoms), takes up less space in the diaper bag, and equals less laundry! 

The Rag in sold in the following sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3/4Y, and 5/6Y. They fit true to size and their stretchy fabric offers room to grow. If you are between sizes we suggest sizing up.

Shop our Limited Edition collection here, or check out our Classic collection here

Watch this video of Rachel talking about how RAGS came to be and what a Rag is:



The idea for the 'Rag' was just crazy enough to take hold, and drop after limited edition drop, RAGS sold out. Moms were obsessed, wondering "where were these with my older kids?!". Here are 10 of our favorite reviews:

"I love Rags, they are adorable, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. The no buttons or zippers make them our go-to!" - Courtney B.

. . . . .

“OMG... We bought RAGS and fell in LOVE! The fabric is comfortable, stylish, and very stretchy which makes changing a breeze. RAGS will definitely be a staple in my littles wardrobe!” 
- Brianne M. 

. . . . .

“I love how putting on a Rag is a complete outfit! It’s just so easy! Even Dads can’t mess it up!"
- @kirstenzeppa

. . . . .

“Couldn’t be happier! Easiest thing ever to dress my busy 10 month old in. I got him dressed so quickly!! And he looks adorable in it!!” - Becky C. 

. . . . .

"Rags are so easy my little peanut already knows the routine -- hands in the holes and that's it 😂 And he looks amazing! 💙🙌" - @ivonnepatterson

. . . . .

"I love that Rags are cute but also functional. Rags makes getting the toddler dressed easy for me and playing easy for her! Perfect for every season and every day." - Brittney P. 

. . . . .

"This is the only item of clothing that my toddler likes to wear. With RAGS she can be comfy and run around wild all day." - Emily V.

. . . . .

"RAGS has saved my sanity with their ease, comfort, and unbeatable style!" - Sara Y. 

. . . . .

"Super cute designs, so easy to put on and don't need to worry about my hubby matching a top and bottom. Wins all around." - Kristin A. 

. . . . .

"It's amazing how much easier Rags makes diaper changes! Plus they make my little man look wicked stylish"  


Last year we asked our community of amazing Raggers to submit videos of them telling us WHY they love RAGS. The amount of submissions we received was astounding and we still have chills (and tear up!) watching this compilation video.



That is the number one question we get when people learn what a Rag is for the first time. Simply put their little legs through, shimmy it up their torso, and slide their arms in and out.

The Rag is ideal because you never have to pull anything over your babies head (and risk getting diaper contents everywhere) and it's so much faster than snapping all sort of snaps. Thousands of parents prefer Rags over any item of clothing to change diapers in. Check out this fun video of a Rag vs. snaps romper to see for yourself. 

Thank you so much for reading about the functionality of Rags. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Rachel + RAGS Team

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