5 Reasons Afterpay With RAGS Will Transform The Way You Shop For Kids Clothes

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We all know the feeling. Payday hasn’t arrived yet and RAGS has just dropped their newest, coolest line of kids clothes. Your favorite limited edition is going fast and you would really love to have that darling romper in your child’s closet. 

RAGS wants your child to enjoy our outfits as soon as possible, so we have joined thousands of websites with Afterpay. Now, you can shop our selection now and pay later in four easy installments. Just select Afterpay at checkout.

Rags - Kids Summer Tees - Kids T-Shirts - Afterpay Kids Clothes

Want more reasons to use Afterpay? Read on!

Manage Your Cash Flow

Budgeting for your growing child is a struggle many parents face. Afterpay allows you to preview your order, see the list of payment amounts, and view the schedule of due dates before you complete your purchase. 

Newbies using Afterpay for the first time must make their first payment at checkout. Your next payments are due in two week installments with your last payment due 6 weeks after purchase. Of course, you can pay early if you choose.

Once you’ve successfully paid off your first Afterpay balance, you can defer your next purchase at RAGS for two weeks with the final installment due 8 weeks after purchase. 

This flexibility allows you to efficiently manage and plan your budget. 

Rags Girls Romper - Kids Clothes with Afterpay Option - Buy Now Pay Later

No Interest Purchase

Extending your payments into the future traditionally involves credit cards, long forms, upfront banking fees, an approval process, and an impacted credit score.

With Afterpay, there’s no forms, an online approval decision, and best of all — no interest.

Financially, shopping at Afterpay clothing stores makes sense. After all, putting several small purchases on a credit card and paying the minimum balance is a recipe for financial disaster. Plus, credit cards often charge an annual fee and other charges which can really add up.

Rags Kids Tees & Clothes with Afterpay

So what’s the catch?

If you are late on your Afterpay payment, they will charge you a late fee. Late fees are capped at 25% of the purchase price of your items which will be due on your final installment.

That’s it, really.

Oh, and each Afterpay purchase has to be at least $35. 

Be In The Know

Don’t miss a single trend. Our all-in-one styles, comfortable fabrics, and fun mommy-and-me adult combos tend to sell out fast. Get the latest drops from RAGS by downloading the Afterpay app. You can sign up for notifications, and you’ll be the first to know when our newest arrivals are available.

Boy & Girl in Rags Romper & T-Shirt

Convenience and Flexibility

RAGS soft, stretchy fabrics and designs can be worn in any season and can be dressed up or down for both casual and more formal looks. 

This flexibility means that RAGS children’s clothes are in demand all year long and can be purchased in advance for events such as baby showers, birthday parties, or gender-reveal parties. If you have been invited at the last minute to one of these events, using Afterpay with RAGS allows you to manage what may have been a sudden and unexpected expense.

Plus, our unisex outfits make RAGS the perfect choice for parents who want their children’s clothes to work for younger siblings once their child has grown out of their outfit. A RAGS purchase is a long-term investment in style and comfort. A larger purchase now, spread over four installments can free up your shopping time and keep your child’s closet fashionably stocked.

Rags Kids Spring & Summer Rompers

New Arrivals To Enjoy Now and Pay Later

With Afterpay, there’s no reason to wait. It’s time to shop!

Take a look at the latest kids rompers for boys and girls. We have a beautiful selection of baby and toddler rompers to choose from:

These are just a few reasons that using Afterpay with RAGS will transform the way you shop for children’s clothes. Easy. Convenient. Interest-free. Perfect for the budget-conscious parent. We hope you love your new shopping experience with RAGS.

Show us your latest RAGS purchase by tagging us with #TAGYOURRAGS. We can’t wait to see your darling little ones in our clothes, and now with Afterpay, you don’t have to wait either!

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