6 Reasons Why Both Parents and Kids Will Love the One-Piece Onesie

Parents these days have endless options when it comes to shopping for kids' clothes. So why does it still seem so hard to find options that are stylish, comfortable, and convenient?

Even if we do score something that meets our tough standards, it seems like our kids are bound to push those clothes to the back of their drawer, where they’re never to see the light of day again.

This is why Rags is changing the game when it comes to dressing your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Parents and kids both go crazy for the Rags one-piece onesie, and that is truly something worth celebrating. Read on for 6 reasons why everyone loves Rags.


Why Parents Love Them

Parents love Rags for a host of reasons, but here are the top three that keep our customers coming back for more:

1. Convenience

Convenience is king when you’re a parent of busy toddlers or strong-willed preschoolers. Rags one-piece onesies slip on and off without any fussy snaps, buttons, or zippers. You can have your kids dressed in seconds, leaving you a few precious moments to check the mirror or grab a snack as you walk out the door.

2. Easy to Clean

If your kids are anything like ours, they’re guaranteed to drip the ice cream on the shirt or fall in the one puddle on the playground. Luckily, one-piece onesies are low-maintenance. Throw them in the laundry or spot clean without worry of them becoming misshapen or faded. 

3. On-and-Off Changing

Babies poop. It’s just something we won’t be escaping anytime soon. Rags one-piece onesies make the job of changing diapers a whole lot easier since they’re easy to shimmy on and off.


Why Kids Love Them

Kids are just as big of fans of Rags as their parents. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons why:

4. Unique Style

Kids who wear Rags don’t look like every other child on the playground. Rags are stylish, eye-catching, and come in tons of exclusive styles that kids will love collecting.

5. Comfort

We don’t blame our kids for shying away from tight jeans or restrictive button-ups. With all the climbing, jumping, and running kids do in a day, their clothes should be comfortable. Rags are made from ultra-stretchy, soft, knit fabric, so they deliver comfort without sacrificing style.

6. Easy On-and-Off

Two-year-olds get an incredible amount of satisfaction over dressing themselves, and who are we to deny them such pleasures? Rags makes it easy for kids to get dressed on their own, which is something both kids and their parents can get behind.


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