8 Amazing Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Best Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The search for the best baby shower gift might feel never-ending. What are you bringing to the shower as a present? Is there something cute and practical that the parents need? What's the best way to find something that matches their taste? What if someone else purchases the same item as you?

As you scan the store for anything that fits the bill, one item you should consider is gender-neutral baby clothing.

Gender-neutral baby clothes are the new registry staple. Parents are starting to wise up, looking for baby clothes that can work for any child no matter the gender. Unisex baby clothes are not only great for parents of both boys and girls, but also those who want to get the most wear out of an item.

If you aren't convinced that unisex newborn baby clothes are a cute baby shower gift idea, here are a few reasons to give them a try:

  • Gender-neutral clothes for parents who keep the gender of their baby a surprise:

Gender-neutral clothing is the best baby shower gift option for stocking the closets of parents who don't know the gender of their baby ahead of time.

  • Unisex baby clothing for hand-me-downs: 

If your friend or loved one appreciates saving money, being environmentally friendly, or plans to have another baby in the future, gender-neutral clothing makes reusing easier.

  • Gender-neutral baby clothes for babies who grow quickly:

Your cute baby shower gift won't last forever. Luckily, buying gender-neutral gifts will help parents resist the impulse to buy expensive one-time-use clothes that will only work for one child.

  • Unisex baby shower gifts are cute and trendy:

Babies are adorable regardless of gender, so why stress about being "gender appropriate"? Throw gender stereotypes out the window and buy the gift that you want to give. Plus, gender-neutral clothing is growing in popularity, ensuring that whichever gift you find will match the trends.

Unisex baby clothes provide many benefits, and it is all in the name. Unisex and gender-neutral both indicate that the style means "for everyone." It doesn't matter if your friend is having a baby boy or baby girl— both can rock your baby shower gift.

You won't need to worry that gender-neutral baby clothes only come in grey or beige tones, either. The opposite is true! Unisex baby clothes come in various colors, patterns, and tones, allowing parents to dress their little ones in whichever style they like.

Here are a few of the best gender-neutral baby gifts you can give at your friend's upcoming baby shower from the gender-neutral clothing experts at RAGS.


Essentials Rag Romper

You can never go wrong buying a newborn staple in a gender-neutral style. The Essentials Rag Romper in Camel or Phantom will go a long way to make mommies, daddies, and babies happy. Our original Rag also features the comfiest romper design with ultra-soft material and a printed label, so there is no itchy tag!

 gender neutral newborn baby clothes in black or camel tan

Essentials Rag Rompers in Our Fall 2021 Colors

If you want to add some spice to your cart, grab a few of our Essentials Rag Rompers in Fall 2021 Colors. Bluesteel, Ginger Stripe, and Terracotta all look beautiful against the soft skin of an infant. The only problem you will have is deciding which one to buy.

Cute striped gender neutral baby rompers in blue, coral, and red.

Disney Infant Bundle

You can't deny that Disney is for everyone. The Disney Infant Bundle features a newborn romper and a top knot hat with a cute and kitschy 101 Dalmatians design. It's a style that is both gender-neutral and on-trend, making any heart swoon.

Gender Neutral 101 Dalmations Disney Romper for Newborn Babies

Meow Cat Infant Rag Romper

Rompers are the ultimate day-to-night clothing item to stock in a newborn's closet. The Meow Cat Infant Rag Romper is long-sleeved in a soft shade of green with a kitty cat design that your little boy or girl will love. The convenient peek-a-booty™ opening makes diaper changes a breeze. It’s a gift that is cute, practical, and convenient -- what more could you ask for?

 Meow Cat Green Unisex Rag Romper

Essentials Shorts with Rolled Hem

Babies love being comfortable, and nothing screams comfort quite like the Essentials Shots with Rolled Hem from RAGS. Premium materials keep these shorts at their comfiest, and the slightly loose style provides plenty of room for a diaper without making the shorts appear bulky. The drawstring will also keep the shorts snug around the baby's waist while they stretch their tiny legs and hands to grow.

Comfy Green or Purple Unisex Shorts for Babies and Kids

Essentials Tank or Short Sleeve Henley Rag Romper in Bright Colors

We are big fans of the Essentials Tank or Short Sleeve Henley Rag Romper from RAGS. These lightweight infant rompers would make the perfect gender-neutral baby item to gift your friend or loved one. This onesie works as a base layer or as a stand-alone outfit. Find the perfect fit in Niagara, Apricot, Wasabi, Orchid, or Blue Stripe.

comfy and soft gender neutral baby rompers for newborns

Short Sleeve Henley Short Essentials Rag Romper in Neutrals

If you are looking for cute baby shower gift ideas, the Short Sleeve Henley Short Essentials Rag Romper is a must-have in your shopping cart. This unisex romper is endlessly versatile, affordable, and durable with design that seamlessly transitions between seasons.

Black or Camel Gender Neutral Henley Romper for Babies

Short Sleeve Henley Short Essentials Rag Romper in Multiple Colors

Are you looking for a unique outfit to make your favorite newborn stand out? We have the perfect selection for you with our Short Sleeve Henley Romper in our latest shades: Light Coral, Ivy, and Cumin Stripe. These are guaranteed to bring a pop of color to any outfit and work perfectly with layers for fall.

Short Sleeve Henley Unisex Romper in Gender Neutral Colors

Shop RAGS to Discover the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Whatever you need, rely on the gender-neutral baby clothing experts at RAGS. Our kid, toddler, and baby rompers come in various sizes from 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, 18-24M, 2T, 3/4Y, and 5/6Y.

Browse our collection of unisex designs to discover a cute baby shower gift idea. There are lots of ideas to choose from at RAGS.

Many of our gender-neutral baby clothes sell out as quickly as we can re-stock. Sign up on our app to be notified when we drop our newest items. We also offer free shipping on any orders over $50. Find the perfect fit for your baby shower gift at RAGS -- happy shopping!

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