Best Newborn Clothes for Millennial Parents To Dress Their Baby

One of the perks of becoming a new parent is dressing your sweet baby in rad outfits that match your style and personal flair. Until your kiddo gets old enough to have an opinion on their outfits, you get to make all the decisions from newborn rompers to baby wraps to infant-sized accessories such as RAGS top knot baby hats.

Whether you are registering for shower gifts in anticipation of your baby’s arrival or shopping for a newborn romper for your weeks-old babe, RAGS has all the essentials that your infant needs in unisex patterns you’ll adore.

To keep it simple, RAGS has made a shortlist of the best newborn clothes that millennial mothers and fathers will love to dress their little one in. Our stylish options offer easy-to-wear and wash fabric with a patented peek-a-booty™ design that makes diaper changes easier for millennial moms and dads.

Plus, we’ve got a few handy tips on how to dress a newborn to make the early days a breeze.


What to Look for in Newborn Clothes

Our little ones rely on us to keep them comfy and safe, and dressing them in RAGS butter-soft fabric that stretches while wrapping them up in a snug cocoon gives your baby the security they crave. Functionality is a large factor you need to consider when shopping for newborn clothes, particularly when you have multiple diaper and outfit changes to look forward to every day. Ask yourself whether the outfit is designed for easy-on, easy-off changes that are less stressful for both you and your baby.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when buying baby clothes.

  • Keep it basic. Newborn outfits should be simple. Outfits with too many extra buttons or snaps might be cute, but they can make changing time a hassle. Keeping a flouncy dress with bows and lace and tights together on a squirmy baby is more challenging than you might think. These outfits are great for special occasions, but for everyday items like newborn rompers, onesies, leggings, and pajamas, simple and sophisticated is best.
  • Opt for soft fabrics. Selecting newborn clothes made from premium materials will do wonders for your baby's extra soft and sensitive skin. Choose durable, high-quality fabrics that will stand up to extra washings. When you select your materials, it’s important to steer away from slippery fabrics such as silks or satins which can cause you to lose your grip on your baby and can be a safety hazard.
  • Function over fashion. Babies require frequent diaper changes and there are times when your baby might be extra uncomfortable or fussy. Be prepared with baby clothing that provides easy access. RAGS’ patented peek-a-booty™ design requires no snaps or buttons, and features a back opening for easy access. Plus our stretchy necklines let you dress your baby quickly from the bottom up without drawing the outfit over your baby’s head. This method reduces anxiety for both parents and infants.
  • Focus on fit. Comfort means a snug but not-too-snug fit. Newborn clothing shouldn’t constrict your baby and should leave room to grow. Babies notoriously grow up fast and quickly outgrow favorite outfits. If you find a RAGS romper that you just love seeing your baby in, consider buying multiple sizes so you can enjoy the look longer. RAGS newborn rompers stretch and can be worn through multiple growth spurts so you can maximize your investment by buying your new RAGS newborn rompers and outfits just a few sizes bigger than needed.
  • Choose unisex styles. There are no rules when it comes to RAGS unisex newborn clothes. Our stylish outfits are the perfect go-to for both boy and girl babies so you can hand down RAGS clothes to siblings, cousins, and friends.
  • Buy versatile clothes to make the most of your budget. Buying newborn clothes can be a blast but might not be so fun for your wallet. However, if you choose RAGS essentials, you can quickly style your baby’s outfit with sweaters, jackets, or extra layers that make one outfit seem like ten. Have fun and get creative. Nobody will guess your infant is wearing the same outfit when it’s styled completely different for a brand-new look.

Check out our stylish newborn clothes with brand new styles that every millennial parent will love!

Best Newborn Rompers for 2021

Painterly Swatches Infant RAGS Romper

 Cute Newborn Romper - Color Swatches - Painterly Romper

Keep your sweet infant cozy in a stylish romper featuring an abstract camo design. Available in sizes 0-3M to 9-12M, the Painterly Swatches Infant RAG Romper wraps your babe in our signature butter-soft, stretchy material. This foot-less and mitten-less infant RAG also has our convenient peek-a-booty™ back opening for quick diaper changes— simply pull at the footies to slip baby's legs out for the easiest diaper change ever! Make life easy for you and your little one with the Painterly Swatches Rag.


Essential RAGS Rompers in Multiple Colors

 Essentials trendy newborn rompers

Simplify dressing your newborn by stocking your babe's closet with Essential RAGS Rompers. Our essentials line features a collection of rompers that are comfy, cozy, and everything you need in a baby onesie. Whether your little one needs a romper with stripes, a solid color romper, or all four, these newborn RAGS are the perfect piece to add to your kiddo's wardrobe! Plus, we added footies and mittens you can take on and off as your newborn warms up throughout the day.


Newborn RAG in Phantom

 Newborn Romper in Phantom Black Color

Every baby needs a solid black newborn romper to add to their collection. The Newborn RAG in Phantom acts as the ultimate base layer for any newborn outfit. Coming in a range of sizes for the teeniest of babes, the Newborn RAGS romper is a long-time favorite of many moms and dads. But don't take our word for it. Check out a few reviews from parents all around the world.

 Customer Romper Review

Customer Romper Review

Customer Romper Review

Aqua Foam Top Knot Baby Hat

Top Knot Newborn Baby Hat

Top off your newborn's new outfit with the RAGS top knot baby hat in a new spring color! This sweet, stretchy gem in aqua is available in multiple sizes 0-6M and 6-12M. RAGS cute newborn hat will look great paired with a RAGS romper or alongside any item in your baby's closet.

We hope this shortlist of fun options gives you some great ideas to dress your newborn in comfortable and stylish options. No matter which RAGS newborn clothes or rompers you choose, make sure to hop on to grab the latest styles. Our RAGS newborn clothing line sells out fast and if you have a fav, you might want to grab that RAG in multiple sizes. Check out our site today to snag the latest RAGS fashion and wander on over to see our RAGS clothing for older kiddos to match up the whole family.

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