Christmas Activities for Kids

10 Super Fun Christmas Activities for Your Kiddos (And You!)

Cozy days spent at home baking and crafting – what’s not to love about the holiday season? At RAGS, we know you like to keep your kiddos busy and, this time of year, that includes new Christmas traditions. Of course, to make the photos epic, you’ve gotta pair those activities with the cutest Christmas rompers and clothes around! Enjoy these crafts and activities with our top picks for clothes to match. ‘Tis the season to be merry and comfy!

10 Christmas Activities for Kids (That You’ll Love, Too)

Decorate Christmas Cookies

This is a Christmastime classic! Who doesn’t love decorating cookies during this festive season? Choose your recipe of choice; you could choose to decorate sugar cookies or gingerbread men. Gather all of your ingredients, including decorations. Christmas sprinkles, mini gumdrops, crushed candy canes, chocolate chips, thin rope licorice, or mini multi-colored candies are all great decorating options. Next, mix the dough, bake the cookies, and let the kiddos enjoy the decorating process. We think our Fair Isle Reindeer long-sleeve hooded RAG romper is perfect for these cozy baking days at home.

Visit Santa Claus

Visiting Old Saint Nick is a Christmas tradition that offers the perfect photo op. There are likely many places within your community where you can go to pay a visit to Santa. Check out local shopping centers, holiday markets, and other community organizations on social media to find the Santa stop near you. Once you’ve figured out where to see Santa, get ready for the photos! RAGS has many cute Christmas clothes to wear while seeing Santa. Our Ornaments Puff Sleeve Gather Waist RAG romper is just perfect for the occasion.

Watch Christmas Movies

Watching Christmas movies is a highlight for many families during the Christmas season. Make a list of your family’s favorite Christmas movies, pop some popcorn, and get snuggly around the fire while watching. If you already watch Christmas movies as part of your holiday traditions, consider adding a new twist or element to the movie nights. Or let each child take turns picking a favorite Christmas movie! Our Red Christmas Essentials are family-matching Christmas outfits perfect for snuggling at home.

Create Memorable Christmas Tree Ornaments

We could always use some good Christmas activities for toddlers. Handcrafted ornaments are precious treasures that can be passed down throughout the years, and kids love to hang their special ornaments on the tree. Creating memorable Christmas tree ornaments can be easy and simple, with just a few ingredients! Check out this blog post for some fun, unique ornament ideas. Bring Santa along for the ride with this Captain Clause long sleeve hip pocket RAG romper.

Make Your Own Snow

If you live in an area that doesn’t get snow around Christmas time (or if you’re just not in the mood to go out in the cold), make your own snow at home! It’s an easy activity that can be done quickly and requires just a few ingredients. Combine 2 ½ cups of baking soda with ½ cup of white hair conditioner. Stir until both ingredients are combined, then place in a big bin for the kids to play! Build miniature snowmen or create a snow village–the possibilities for play are endless! We think our Snowmen long sleeve hip pocket RAG rompers are the perfect Christmas rompers for staying warm while playing in the snow.

Build Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are another traditional Christmas activity that many kids love! Go the extra mile and make one from scratch, or you can always create an easy alternative with graham crackers. Glue the houses together with royal frosting or sugar glue (this can be done ahead of time by parents). Some families who only use their gingerbread houses as decorations use hot glue guns for quick assembly. The next step is to unleash your tiny decorators! Give your kiddos a variety of candies, cereals, and chocolates to decorate their houses, using royal frosting to stick the decorations to the gingerbread houses. For such an iconic Christmas activity, our Iconic Christmas RAG rompers are the perfect toddler Christmas outfits to wear!

Get Creative with Crafts

Christmas is the best time of the year to get crafty! Cold days often mean plenty of time inside to work on your favorite projects. Whether you have family favorites that you like to make each year or if you always try something new, it’s a great way to keep your kiddos busy. Many craft ideas can be found on Pinterest, but this blog is another great source. Keep your kiddos cozy while crafting with these Christmas plaid kids’ joggers!

Get in the Mood to Give

‘Tis the season of giving, and it’s always fun to get the kiddos involved! Choose a charity, Christmas gift-giving organization, or even a local neighbor in need and give them a gift. It could be as simple as giving something to a neighbor to help brighten their day or making cookies for a family down the street. Help spread the Christmas cheer in our Falalalala long sleeve hip pocket RAG romper. It’s perfect for gift-giving.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Bust out the homemade ornaments and start getting crazy decorating the tree. Kiddos love getting involved in this time-honored tradition, and for a good reason. Setting up the Christmas tree is a great way to start the Christmas season. Once the tree is up, take a family picture together by the tree in our Candy Cane Christmas Essentials. It’s the perfect Christmas photo op!

Learn with Christmas STEM Projects

Introduce a little Christmastime learning with STEM projects perfect for the holiday! Your kiddos will love these holiday-themed STEM projects that are easy and fun. Try dissolving candy canes, building gumdrop bridges, and making magic milk. Let Christmas Skelly in on the action, too!

RAGS Has Festive Fits for Your Whole Crew

No matter what your plans are this holiday season, bring some extra spirit with our RAGS Christmas collection. We’ve got festive outfits for every family member, from infant and toddler Christmas rompers to t-shirts and sweaters for adults. Our Christmas girls’ dresses are beyond festive and are so comfortable. Everyone’s comfy and cozy when they’re dressing in Christmas RAGS!

If you see some Christmas rompers or family-matching Christmas outfits you like, snag ‘em up quickly! Christmas will be here before you know it, and our collection sells out fast.

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