Comfortable Disney Princess Dress Alternatives to Pack for Your Next Disney Vacation

When you wish upon a star, what does a family trip to Disneyland and Disneyworld look like? Do you rush to the castle to pose for pictures with your favorite Disney princess while your little girls are wearing their new Ariel dresses? Are you stuffing your face with treats while in line for Space Mountain? Disney vacations are all about bringing your dreams to life.

From the mid-morning sun shining off the Sleeping Beauty Castle to the magic of every Nighttime Spectacular, your little one will have the time of their lives while visiting Disney. And with the right RAGS Disney-themed outfits, including Disney princess dresses and alternatives, your Disney vacation will be extra magical.

Girls' Disney Romper

To make it easy, our baby fashion specialists put together a guide to all things Disney, including what to pack, tips on how to dress, as well as a list of comfortable Disney princess dresses.

Let’s get started.

What to Pack for Your Baby or Toddler Disney Vacation

As you gear up for a Disney vacation, it’s smart to check the weather a few days beforehand. While Disneyland and Disney World are both located in warmer climates, temperatures can drop in the morning and evening. Dressing your kiddos for the right weather can help them stay comfortable throughout your trip. There are also other items that you will need to have on-hand to keep your kiddo happy.

Here are five must-have items for your next Disney vacation with an infant or toddler.

Stroller (+ Accessories)

Finding the perfect stroller is like scoring a FastPass+ to Radiator Springs Racers. Since there are plenty of options with different features, focus on what you care about the most. Do you want various accessories like a second seat kit to accommodate multiple children, or an umbrella stroller that takes up less space? You can even choose to pack your own or rent one from various companies that deliver to your hotel. Disney parks also offer stroller rentals. Do your research, take some for a test drive, and soon you will find the perfect fit. Make sure whichever stroller you select can be used within the park, as there are a few restrictions.

Fully Loaded Diaper Bag

Don’t forget the diaper bag. When it comes to diaper bags for Disney, look for function. You will want a bag with comfortable straps to make it easy to carry. Even better, grab some stroller straps to attach your diaper bag to your chosen stroller, and make the stroller do the work of carrying your necessities throughout the Disney park. As a bonus, you can clip hand sanitizers to the straps for easy use. It would also be nice to find a bag with insulated pockets for extra snack storage!

Scented Diaper Trash Bags

Smelly situations can happen in the blink of an eye (even while you are visiting the Magic Kingdom). While Disney offers plenty of parent stations to clean up, it’s always a good idea to come prepared with small trash bags to store any mess temporarily. Bring along extra outfits and if they get soiled, you can easily throw the dirty outfit in a bag, tie it shut, and deal with it when you return to your hotel.

Cooling Towel & Mat

High Florida humidity and California heat can turn the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ into a parent’s worst nightmare if your babe overheats. Luckily, there are cooling towels and mats available that will help keep your little ones cool all day long. You can run these cooling towels or mats under water and place them underneath your baby to cool them down as they tour the park in their stroller.

Insulated Water Bottle or Sippy Cup

Long days at Disneyland or Disney World require plenty of hydration. Make sure your kiddos have the water and milk they need to get through the day with an insulated water bottle or sippy cups. Insulated options are perfect for hot days in the park. The insulation keeps beverages at the right temperatures for up to six hours. Various available options feature spill-proof technology to keep the little one hydrated from sun-up to sun-down.

Tips for Dressing a Kid for Disneyland and Disney World

Top items on your Disney packing list are appropriate clothing. But how do you find the best Disney outfits for your little ones that will be flexible enough for inclement weather, heat, and keep your kiddo comfortable for a long day? You’ll need outfits that are practical and comfortable, but have that extra cute factor for the many photos you’ll take to remember your Disney experience. After all, every parent wants a picture with their family in front of the iconic Disney castle to commemorate their kiddo’s first trip.

To help make the right choice, here are some considerations to take when choosing your kid’s Disney outfits.

  • Does my little girl want to wear a Disney princess dress? Do my kids want to wear a costume?
  • What’s the weather going to be like?
  • Will the kids be comfortable in short sleeves?
  • Will you need a jacket for layering?
  • How many days of clothing will you need?
  • Do my kids want to dress head to toe in Disney-themed clothing or only add a dash of Disney?
  • Would our family enjoy dressing in matching outfits?

Kid, Toddler, and Newborn Disney Rompers

On the Disney World website, they suggest dressing comfortably and wearing good walking shoes. Face coverings are required for all guests ages two and up and must be worn in all public areas, except while swimming or seated for dining. You should review important guidelines and requirements for face coverings and attire before booking your trip.

Comfortable Disney Princess Dress Alternatives

Whether you are snapping a selfie with your toddler’s favorite princess or embarking on an intergalactic journey to the farthest reaches of the outer rim, dreams will come true during your Disney vacation if they have the right outfit. Part of your child’s imaginative play is strongly identifying with beloved Disney characters and nothing can give them greater joy than wearing a matching outfit.

Elsa dresses or Cinderella dresses are popular go-to’s, but they often get too scratchy to keep on all day. RAGS stylish Disney clothes offer all of the fun with all of the comfort with brand new styles your kid will love!

Our Disney collection keeps the magic alive. Rather than the typical Disney princess dresses your baby only wears during dress-up, these rompers are comfortable and breathable. Unisex designs and stretchy, oh-so-soft fabrics will make dressing for the park a magical experience with their easy-on and off fastener-free rompers.

Boys' Mickey Mouse Romper

With characters that have sparked thousands of imaginations in the young and old around the world, Disney has collaborated with RAGS to create unique, one-of-a-kind looks. We have retro Minnie and Mickey outfits along with all the latest Disney princess dress alternatives.

Be unique and stand out from the Disney crowd with RAGS. You can match your kids in similar Disney outfits with rompers for your toddler and matching T-shirts for your older kids. You can even play along by dressing in our matching tees that come in a range of adult sizes.

No matter what you are looking for, RAGS has options galore, from short-sleeved to tank Capri-style rompers, short and rolled sleeved t-shirts, or even Disney swing dresses for the princess in your life. Browse our latest Disney clothes and rompers so your kiddos can be the happiest kids on earth while visiting the happiest place on earth!

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