Fashionable and Diaper-Friendly Baby Clothes

Cute Baby Clothes that are Diaper Friendly

Fashionable and Diaper-Friendly Baby Clothes

A baby will go through 2,500-3,000 diapers in their first year. That’s a lot of diaper changes! Any new mom and dad will tell you that diaper changes can be stressful for infants, especially when outfits cover their little faces, even for the briefest moment.

Experts say that babies hate diaper and outfit changes because babies can’t regulate their body temperatures well. Even quick outfit changes can drastically reduce an infant’s body temperature. Going from cozy to cold in a few minutes is uncomfortable. Plus, all the tugging and pulling to push wiggly or stiff arms and legs into an outfit isn’t very fun for your little one. Add snaps, zippers, and buttons to the mix, and it’s no wonder that both babies and parents get frustrated with the process.

Try Baby Clothes The RAGS Way

Those stressful diaper and outfit changes prompted our founder, Rachel Nilsson, to look for a better solution. She founded RAGS on the idea that baby clothes should be functional and fashionable with an easy-on, easy-off pattern that makes dressing more manageable.

Soon, she patented the RAGS neckline that allows parents to dress their baby from the bottom up. There are no snaps, buttons, or zippers to mess with, instead an innovative stretchy neckline. Under this system, your baby never needs to feel like they’re being stuffed into an outfit, nor do they lose sight of your comforting face during an outfit change.

Parents caught on to the beauty of the stretchy RAGS neckline and noted just how easy it was to dress their kiddos. And then there was an extra bonus! Little ones discovered they could dress themselves much easier with the Rag toddler romper, and transitioning from diapers to potty training was a smoother experience.

Then Came The Peek-A-Booty

The advent of the Peek-A-BootyTM system took RAGS baby clothes to a whole other level of radness. In addition to their signature stretchy neckline, infant Rags allow parents to do the quickest diaper change on the block. With the convenient back opening, parents simply slide their babies’ feet and bottom out of the newborn and infant rompers, then slide them back in once the diaper is changed.

Your little one stays comfortable during the quick diaper change since their top half remains covered, reducing those drastic temperature drops we mentioned. Even if you’re got an infamous blow-out on your hands, RAGS baby clothes slip on and off so quickly that you can get your baby cleaned up and re-dressed in no time (plus no mess in their hair).

How To Handle Messy Diaper Changes

Those messy blowouts aren’t fun for your little one either. We have a few tips that’ll help you manage those inevitable events.

Post-bath, diaper and outfit changes can be less stressful if you talk with your baby in a low, soothing voice. Commiserate with your little one and let them know you’re working to get them back to being cozy and warm as soon as you can.

After bathtime, no matter how warm you keep the room and water, it’s always a shock to your baby’s system when they’re pulled out of the bathtub. As you dry them off, keep part of the towel over your baby’s body or use a RAGS swaddle blanket to keep them covered. Dry their head first and use a top-knot baby cap to prevent body heat from escaping.

Have extra RAGS baby clothes on hand wherever you go. It’s no fun to be unprepared when a disaster strikes.

Keep ziplock baggies in your diaper bag to contain a dirty outfit and the smell until you can get home to launder it.

Keep calm. All babies fuss. Many babies will pick up on their parent’s vibe and if you’re stressed, they’ll get stressed.

If your baby’s crying gets to be too much, it’s okay to put them somewhere safe (like their crib) to walk away and collect yourself for a few minutes. Ask for help from someone you trust.

Boy & Girl in Matching Baby Romper and Kids T Shirt

Let’s Talk About That Butter-Soft Material

“Stretchy” and “butter-soft” are the ways that parents describe our baby clothes and newborn rompers. Both these attributes mean that a newborn dressed in our RAGS baby clothes has the flexibility to stretch out and you’ll love snuggling with them even more.

Even better -- in addition to the material being soft and stretchy, it’s also durable. Blow-outs and spit-up can be washed out time and time again. Your RAGS newborn clothes will hold up to multiple washings and can be passed down to future siblings.

Kid Playing in One-piece Romper

Fashionable Baby Clothes For Any Occasion

Babies are a crowd-pleaser, and they attract plenty of looks during any event. Keep your infant dressed in the latest photo-worthy fashion and make sure they’re always ready for that random photograph or selfie with Grandma.

Our RAGS baby clothes can be coordinated with blankies, top-knot caps, and the rest of the family. We have RAGS for the whole group, and your infant will fit right in with the rest of them. So, if you have a family barbeque, an outing to Disney, or a family photograph to take, dress your baby in RAGS baby clothes for a sweet, coordinated, and fashionable look.

RAGS Baby Clothes Are Popular And Sell Out Fast

Fair warning: Parents are signed up on our app to snag the latest drop, so they don’t miss a single RAGS baby romper. RAGS baby clothes are popular for those quick and easy diaper changes and for being up on the latest styles, so they fly out the door almost as soon as we post them.

If you don’t have the cash on hand and you don’t wanna miss the latest RAGS baby romper, we have an AfterPay system that lets you buy now and pay later. It’s the perfect solution too if you need a quick go-to for a last-minute baby shower or party.

So don’t wait. Shop RAGS baby clothes now!

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