How to Pick the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

The search for the perfect baby shower gift can seem daunting. What present do you bring to the shower for the new mom? Do the parents need something cute, useful, or both? How do you find something that matches their style? What if someone else buys them the same thing?

What if we told you we have the perfect solution to put your mind at ease? RAGS newborn rompers make one of the best baby shower gifts since their cute unisex styles look great on both boys and girls.

Newborn romper - the perfect baby shower gift

RAGS has put together a guide to our newest product to give you clothing ideas for the next baby shower you’ve been invited to. Here’s what to look for when searching for the spot-on baby shower gift.

Here’s the RAGS guide to baby shower gifts.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Use the Registry

Most new parents put together a baby registry for family and friends to use as they buy gifts. A registry is the go-to guide to determine what they might need for their little one so you don’t buy a repeat of what they may already have.

Registries typically include strollers, car seats, sippy cups, clothes ideas, and more.

You can either buy something directly off the registry or find something similar however, it is usually best to stick to the registry when purchasing big-ticket items like bottle warmers, cribs, and strollers.

Our top RAGS tip is to scan the registry to get an idea of the new parent’s fashion sense. Whether the registry selection veers towards a cute, fun, playful style or it takes on a sophisticated, hipster vibe, you can find a newborn romper that echoes the parents’ aesthetic. If you choose other gifts such as blankets, shoes, or other clothing items that closely reflect those listed in the registry, then you are sure to give a present that won’t be returned later.

Shop Online

It’s easy to buy a baby shower gift online rather than navigate the crowds at malls or boutiques. You’ll chance upon many more unique infant-size items than what you’ll find in the stores. Plus, you can take your time searching multiple online stores for that amazing one-of-a-kind present that nobody else will bring to the party. It also gives you the option of shipping a gift directly to the new parents if you cannot go to the baby shower in person.

For example, RAGS online store categorizes all of its newborn items so that you can quickly see which rompers come in 0-3M sizing. It also includes swaddles, pouches, and other accessories that you can pair with your newborn romper. Once you find all of the items you want for your baby shower gift, you can ship them directly to yours or the recipient’s home.

Cozy newborn in babyt romper

Think Functional

Choosing an item that puts the fun in functional takes the baby shower gift from great to totally awesome! RAGS newborn clothing makes changes and dressing time easy, with a patented neckline that allows your baby to be dressed from the bottom up. Babies hate having their eyes and nose covered, even briefly during a change, so this allows a smoother, happier dressing experience for parents and babies. With RAGS, there are no buttons, snaps, or zippers to complicate things.

Easy diaper changes with functional newborn romper

RAGS newborn rompers come in unisex boy and girl styles with the perfect blend of function and fashion. You can search our selection of 0-3M newborn rompers to find a pattern that looks cute, unique, and hipster. Our newborn rompers feature mittens, footies, and our innovative peek-a-booty™ back opening for the easiest diaper changes ever. Simply pull the legs of the newborn romper off at the feet, switch out the old diaper for the new, and slide baby’s little legs back in. And done! No snaps, no wrestling, no hassle.

Pair our newborn rompers with any of our RAGS accessories for a coordinating gift package. With an adorable RAGS baby swaddle, infants will be ready to pose for hundreds of pictures and cuddle up to everyone who wants a snuggle. They are also large enough to grow with the baby and work as a toddler blanket or car seat blanket. These swaddles work great on their own or combined with our newborn rompers.

RAGS newborn rompers in baby room

Check Return Policies

Even if you love your baby shower gift, there is always a chance that it won’t work. Ensure that whatever store you are buying your present from offers a good return policy. You don’t want your gift to end up being a headache for the new parents. Instead, it should be easy to return the present if they choose and to exchange it for something more useful. Whether that is another item in the store or money, your present will still be appreciated when it is easy to return it.

Baby Shower Gifts from RAGS

Get the perfect baby shower gift at RAGS. Our kid, toddler, and baby rompers come in a range of sizes from 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, 18-24M, 2T, 3/4Y, and 5/6Y so you can give the gift that grows. Find your baby shower gift at RAGS by shopping online now. We are also offering free shipping on any US orders over $50.

Shop RAGS newborn rompers & clothes.

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