Looking for Disney Baby Clothes? Rags Has Got You Covered

Whether you’re preparing for a trip to the Magic Kingdom or just searching for clothing with your child’s favorite character on it, Rags has got you covered. From rompers (rags) to dresses and everything in between, you’ll love the selection of Disney designs we carry. All our clothes are made using soft and stretchy material for maximum comfort and a flattering fit. Plus, your child will look fantastic! Check out some of our Disney baby clothes below.

Belle Floral Tank Swing Dress

When your little one loves to wear princess clothes, but doesn’t like the itchy fabric and lace of other dress-up options, she can still show off her royal style. The Belle Floral Tank Swing Dress is soft enough to sleep in, which may come in handy if she never wants to take it off. Plus, its beautiful floral design and twirly skirt provide plenty of princess panache and will look great at preschool or anywhere else she needs to go. 

Bambi Meadow ¾ Length Henley Rag

The Bambi Meadow ¾ Length Henley Rag is perfect for trips to Disneyland or the neighborhood park. Dress your little one in a cute and comfy romper with ¾ length sleeves for added warmth in the fall and a touch of style. Rompers are easy to put on and take off, with no snaps, buttons, or zippers like other baby onesies and toddler clothing. You can let them wear these adorable forest characters anywhere they want and you won’t have to worry about wrangling them out of it or accidentally pinching their skin.

Belle Short Sleeve Rag

The Belle Short Sleeve Rag is an ideal option for keeping your little princess comfortable when she wants to dress like her favorite heroine. Fans of her inventive imagination and fun adventures will love this super soft (snapless) rag that can be worn while embarking on adventures of their own. Your little one will feel confident sporting her favorite Disney character around school, and will be able to dress herself, thanks to the stretchy fabric and innovative neckline. Toddlers can even pull the outfit up and over their torso easily.

Retro Mickey Mouse Short Sleeve Rag

If you’ve spent time hunting in stores or online for classic Disney baby clothes, look no further. The Retro Mickey Mouse Short Sleeve Rag allows your child to remain comfortable and fashionable while touring the homes of their beloved cartoon characters or watching them on TV. The design even allows for easy buckling when using a car seat or stroller, and easy removal for diaper changes.

Rags & Disney

Catch up on all the latest looks from Disney and other great styles on the Rags Blog. Or check out the other great Disney baby clothes from Rags before your next family vacation.

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