Newborn Rompers: A Practical Guide to Dressing Your Newborn

When winter storms blow and the snow falls, most parents of newborns look forward to warmer days. However, it can be challenging to dress a new baby during the variable weather conditions of spring. Should you dress them in lighter fabrics or stick to heavier ones? What clothing items can handle the highs and lows of spring’s fluctuating temperatures? Of course, our answer is to start with a RAGS newborn romper in the morning and layer up with our cute swaddle blankets or top with a snuggly sweater.

Our tiny babies rely on us to keep them comfy, so they need more layers and options throughout the day. As you go out and about with your kiddo, pack an extra outfit or two in case of an accident or a sudden change in temperature, and be prepared with extra layers such as sweaters or jackets that you can remove when temperatures increase in the afternoons. For more tips, follow this practical guide to dress your newborn.

Step-by-Step Guide to Dressing a Newborn

An essential step to dressing your babe is starting with a good base layer that is butter-soft against your newborn’s sensitive skin. Our RAGS newborn romper selection features high-quality, durable fabric and ultra-comfortable material, creating a buffer between your baby and the elements.

The stretchy fabric allows your baby the flexibility they need to stretch out while still providing that secure swaddle that helps them relax. Built-in mittens and footies keep tiny fingers and toes warm, and remove the worry all parents have of losing those tiny socks that somehow seem to always disappear.

RAGS newborn rompers are made from fabric that stands up to multiple washings. Even better, they won’t lose their cuddly softness or quality.

Layering is crucial when dressing your newborn during spring weather. RAGS newborn rompers make it easy. Throw on a sweater, jacket, or coat over the base layer for a cozy, fashionable outfit that can be styled in multiple ways to give your baby a whole new look. You can then shed the layers throughout the day as temperatures rise or to dress up or down depending upon the occasion.

Newborn rompers from RAGS make getting dressed a breeze with our stretchy necklines that allow you to dress your baby from bottoms up. Drawing outfits over your baby’s head can sometimes cause a newborn anxiety or fright. You can avoid this with RAGS unique design. Plus, diaper changes are easy-peasy with RAGS convenient peek-a-booty™ back-end opening that allows you to make quick changes without completely undressing your infant.

Check out our rad newborn rompers that are brand new styles for this year’s Spring season!

RAGS Top Newborn Rompers

Winnie the Pooh Woodland

Winnie the Pooh Newborn Romper

Who doesn't love a newborn dressed in a romper featuring beloved Disney childhood characters Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet? Available in size 0-3M, the Winnie the Pooh Woodland newborn romper will wrap your babe in our signature butter-soft, stretchy material. The romper also includes built-in mittens, footies, and an innovative and convenient peek-a-booty™ back opening for quick diaper changes. This newborn Rag will make life easy for you and your little one— simply pull at the footies to slip baby's legs out for the easiest diaper change ever!

Spring Newborn Essentials RAGS Romper

Newborn Romper - Light Coral Color

Picking out one item for your newborn to wear can be hard enough, let alone an entire outfit. Forget the fuss by stocking your newborn’s closet with our Newborn Essentials Rag. Our spring line includes a selection of rompers that are comfy, cozy, and everything you need in an onesie. Available in multiple colors, including light coral, ivy, apricot, and cumin stripe, this newborn rag is the perfect piece to add to your babe’s spring wardrobe if you want to brighten up your day!

Newborn Rag

Striped Newborn Romper with Baby Laying Down

The ultimate base layer for any newborn outfit is our Newborn Rag. Coming in a range of basic colors, this newborn romper pairs well with any layering piece. The Newborn RAGS’ unique sizing also includes options for the teeniest babes, from 0-3M+! Your little one will feel like you are wrapping them in your arms, thanks to our signature butter-soft material. Not to mention the mittens and footies that ensure your newborn’s feet and hands stay warm.

No matter which newborn romper you buy, your babe will love you for it. So, forget wondering how to dress your newborn— grab a few of RAGS’ newborn rompers to start any outfit right. Find a few to throw in your newborn’s closet by visiting our site today. We also have options for kids of older ages.

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