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The key to styling kids t-shirts is embracing the art of mixing and matching. One of our favorite parenting hacks is stocking up on kids tees that work with the majority of items already hanging in our kiddo's closet.

It doesn't need to be a big closet, either. Once you master mismatched styling, you can stock up on a few basics and a handful of statement items to keep your kiddo styled in the latest fashion each season with plenty of go-to options.


Mix and match outfits are not only great for your budget but will make dressing fun again. So, you can forget the “getting-ready” morning headache.

Soon your kid will have so much fun helping you put together outfits that they will take a page out of your book and find a unique signature style that’s all their own.

Let's break down how to shop for the perfect wardrobe to make them the most fashion-forward kiddo on the block.

Stock Up on Basics

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The first step to building any kid's wardrobe is to shop for basic essentials. Kids tees are the perfect building blocks to a great outfit since they are not only practical, but your little one can also wear them with almost every accessory.

Other basics include leggings, jeans, plain sweaters or cardigans, sundresses, tanks, socks, and sweatshirts. Having these mix-and-match ready basics locked and loaded in your kiddo's closet will allow you to hit the target when dressing them for any occasion.

Tip #2: Add Solids

Don't get us wrong—we love interesting prints, unique textures, and fun shapes, but your kid's closet needs solid colors to balance the scales. Fill the gaps of their wardrobe with plain kids t-shirts in a few different colors, including a few different white shirts, one or two black tees, and a blue, green, red, and tan tee.

You’ll also need a few black and navy blue bottoms. Then, as you put together a new outfit, you can grab a solid to match any print or pattern you decide to use. So while you’re shopping, add a mixture of solid-colored items to your cart (you will thank us later).

Tip #3: Mix-In a Statement Piece

Now that you have the base of your kid's clothing selection, you can start to add in some statement pieces. Let your kiddo's personality shine with fun graphics, prints, and patterns. We love stripes, polka dots, camo, tie-dye, or bright, colorful pieces that put a fun twist on any outfit.

Check out RAGS' Limited Edition section for once-in-a-lifetime designs that just a few kids will have hanging in their closets, including our unique Disney collaboration featuring rompers and kids tees perfect for the 'Happiest Place on Earth!'

Tip #4: Buy All-In-One Outfits

Unisex RAGS

When you don't want to spend time finding separates that match, it is time for the all-in-one outfit— the romper. Forget the hassle of mixing and matching kids t-shirts and pants. RAGS' innovative romper makes dressing easy. In fact, the easy-on, easy-off design features a neckline that dynamically stretches to shimmy up your little one's torso with ease.

Your kiddo will be comfy and enjoy playing with their friends in our ultra-soft, stretchy fabrics. Add in the perfect fit for all (little or big) body sizes, and you've got the ultimate outfit for your baby or toddler. Your kiddo’s favorite romper could become your kid's go-to item every time they get ready for the day!

Tip #5: Teach Your Kiddos What You Learned

Once you understand how to mix and match, you can start teaching your child how to dress themselves. It's a step that every child can't wait to take. Before you know it, watching your kiddo discover their own personal style will be rewarding and fun for you.

When your little one is ready, here’s a quick guide to showing your kiddo how to create their own fashionable style.

How to Teach Your Child to Dress Themselves

Step One: Teaching your child how to take off their clothes is the first step towards gaining confidence. When your little one is about a year old, they’ll start by taking off their socks and gradually work their way up to removing the entire outfit.

Step Two: Show your little one what order to put their clothes on. When they begin to put their own clothes on, remember that their fine motor skills aren’t fully developed yet, so have them sit down.

Step Three: Choose outfits with stretchy materials with no zippers or buttons. Show your kiddo how to push their arms and legs through sleeves and leggings.

Step Four: Help your kiddo understand what the back and the front of the outfit is. This is where kids t-shirts with bright prints on the front can help at first, or showing that the tag always goes in the back.

Step Five: Let them practice! Pull five or six outfits out of your kiddo's drawer and let them mix and match. Your kiddo will probably get extra creative at first, but it’s important to hand over the reins at this point. It’ll make dressing fun rather than a chore.

Step Six: Begin playing with colors and teaching your kids the rainbow. Show them how to match their colors in their outfits.

Step Seven: As they grow up, begin to show them how to work a button, a zipper, a snap, and thread a belt. Until they develop the motor skills to accomplish this, usually around ages 4-5, choose RAGS rompers for the easy-on, easy-off styles with no snaps or buttons.

Tip #6: Shop RAGS

Toddler Unisex RAGS

As you master mismatched styling and your kiddo masters how to dress themselves, shop for your kids t-shirts and kid clothing items at RAGS. Whether you have an on-the-go kid who needs kids tees that can keep up with all their adventures or fashion-forward kiddos who love to push the styling limits, RAGS has it all! Our RAGS kids t-shirts, separates, and rompers feature kid-friendly graphics and patterns, as well as stretchy and soft but durable, high-quality fabrics.

RAGS' unisex styles are also ideal for any function, from fun-filled days at the park or cozying up on the couch for a movie night. Oh, and that butter-soft fabric we were talking about? It stretches to accommodate all types of body shapes, especially when your little boy or girl hits a growth spurt.

For our younger kiddos, RAGS rompers feature a patented neckline that is designed to allow you to dress your toddler without drawing the romper over their heads. Diaper changes just got a whole lot easier. Our toddler romper and jumpsuits eliminate the fuss and tussle of unnecessary snaps and buttons.

Step up your kid's wardrobe game with our kids tees, boys and girls rompers and jumpsuits, and other kid essentials. Your kiddo will easily pair RAGS items together to create outfits that not only look great but feel great, as well.

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