School Morning Routine: How To Make Dressing For School Easy With Rompers

Are school mornings a hodge-podge of lost shoes, missed alarms, a flurry of permission slips, last-minute spelling quizzes, and a rush to get to the bus stop (or Zoom classroom meeting) on time? Mornings can be chaotic and stressful, but for many families, RAGS rompers can ease the morning squeeze.

Teaching your child how to dress themselves is one way to a calmer, more peaceful morning routine and our easy-on, easy-off rompers are the ticket. Here’s a few tips to make a more magical morning for everyone.

Girls Rompers - Easy Outfits for Schools

Weekend Outfit Planning

Having each outfit planned and prepared the weekend before or the day prior can eliminate many arguments over the what-to-wear dilemma. Let your child pick out a week’s worth of clothes and agree which day they’ll be worn. Otherwise, your kiddo might pick out their favorite romper to wear every single day!

Many parents and caretakers have five clothing bins or use a hanging closet organizer to separate out five outfits. Having color-coded bins designating each day of the week can help pre-readers know what day of the week each outfit is for. For instance, the red bin may contain Monday’s clothes and the yellow bin may be for Thursday. On Thursday, your kid can go straight to their yellow bin, bring out his or her outfit and start getting themselves dressed.

Easy On, Easy Off Kids Rompers and Clothing

Snaps, buttons, and zippers all usually require parental help. With RAGS patented necklines, our kids rompers don’t have the muss and fuss of fasteners, so your kid can step into their romper and be dressed without needing your help.

Once your kiddo has gotten the hang of dressing him or herself, your time will be freed up for other essential morning tasks and you can both be out the door on-time.

Boys Hipster Romper

A Designated Morning Spot For Everything

Eliminate the morning dash about where everyone is searching for their backpacks, their shoes, your keys, and homework. Designate a spot for everyone, where they place everything they will need in the morning in their spot the night before. This can be a hallway table, a kitchen chair, or a nook in the mudroom.

A Calm Morning Begins With An Early Night

Keeping and establishing a bedtime routine is important for kids. Late nights can lead to morning struggles when your sleepyheads just don’t want to open their eyes. Good sleep hygiene is important too. Let your kids know that electronics need to be turned off early in the evening, food and drink finished a few hours before bedtime, and lights out by a certain time.

Have An Emergency Stash

What’s an emergency stash? This is your contingency plan for mornings when the alarms don’t buzz or the snooze button was hit one too many times. Or, if morning was particularly difficult for your child and you’re running behind. Or, if there’s inclement weather that wasn’t forecast.

Emergency stashes include on-the-go breakfasts, kids clothes for cold weather that you can layer over a romper such as a sweatshirt or jacket, pocket-sized hygiene products, and cash for school lunch if you didn’t have time to fix one.

New To School? Practice In The Summer

If this is your little one’s first foray to school, begin the morning transition in the weeks before school starts. Begin establishing your bedtime and morning routines so the new schedule isn’t quite the shock. Routines are safe and once your child knows what’s expected of them, routines become much easier.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to getting dressed too. Give your kid a head start on their mornings by letting them learn how to dress themselves under less stressful conditions. Make a game out of putting their big kid romper on and praise them for their new-found ability. RAGS boys and girls rompers are the best starter outfits for kids learning how to dress themselves since they are so easy to put on and take off.

Girls and Boys Tees and Rompers

Are You Ready For Back-To-School?

Sending your child back to school, especially for the first time, can be a moment of mixed emotions, relief and anxiety, excitement, nostalgia, and wistfulness. Your kiddo is growing up and these milestones are reminders that they don’t stay little for very long. Shop for your kids back-to-school clothes online on and avoid the crowds. You can find boys and girls rompers in unisex designs here.

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