Spend Half the Time on Diaper Changes with these Five Quintessential Features

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Oh, diaper changes. The seemingly endless stream of full diapers that you must change before your sweet, innocent baby gets a diaper rash or leaks through to their outfit.

Diaper changes can go from bad to worse in mere seconds, from a merely fussy baby to one who is furious about the sudden temperature change when their clothes are removed. The ensuing chaos of crying and kicking can make putting a fresh diaper on and re-dressing your baby quite the challenge. Plus, it can be difficult for an infant to settle down afterwards.

This normal tussle between baby and parent is one of the many reasons why we developed the notoriously simple yet effective RAGS design for easy on-off baby clothes.

For us, it has always been about making our little one's lives a breeze. (And because we helped a few parents along the way, RAGS quickly became one of the best newborn onesies on the market.)

Easy to put on baby clothes is one thing, but what about baby clothes that make diaper changes easy? You would be hard-pressed to find a newborn onesie that fits the bill, without snaps, zippers, or buttons. It used to be a tall order to find a diaper-change-friendly onesie, but not anymore.

Diaper changes, outfit swaps, and potty training are easier than ever before with RAGS baby clothing and rompers! The Peek-A-Booty system on our newborn onesies, as well as our innovative necklines on our toddler and baby rompers make RAGS the ideal brand for every busy parent or on-the-go baby.

Add in the stretchy material, no button design, flexible sizing, and easy-to-wash fabrics, and it is no wonder why parents buy out our newest styles as soon as they hit the shelf. Still unsure your babe is ready for RAGS? Let's discuss why our newborn and baby rompers are the ultimate outfit for quick and easy diaper changes.

Five RAGS Features that Make Diaper Changes Quick and Easy

Patented Neckline You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Quick change baby clothes


Isn't it time that your baby enjoyed having their outfit changed? We think so. Our patented neckline offers you the flexibility you need to quickly change your little one's newborn romper without losing facetime or patience.

The stretchy fabric and elastic neckline make RAGS the go-to baby's outfit for every parent. Simply put your child's legs through, wriggle the RAG over the torso, and slide their arms in and out for a quick outfit change, even when a big diaper blow-out happens. The easy to put on and take off system helps you keep your infant cleaner when those diapers can’t contain the mess!

Our patented neckline even keeps the baby romper's shape and prevents it from stretching out. RAGS offers premium comfort for your baby and quick clothing changes for parents. It's a real win-win situation for everyone!

Anything that makes life easier for mom and dad is a win in our book. RAGS are also popular among parents because they are an all-in-one outfit (no need to match tops and bottoms), highly durable to fight against poopy diapers, and take up less space in the laundry.

One-of-a-Kind Peek-A-Booty™

Baby clothes easy diaper change


With the introduction of the Peek-A-Booty system, baby clothing will never be the same. It took the complicated design featured in most newborn onesies and elevated to a whole new level of awesomeness.

In addition to the trademark flexible neckline, newborn rompers by RAGS enable parents to change their child's diaper in record times that would put award-winning NASCAR pit crews to shame. The Peek-a-Booty is an easy rear opening that allows you to easily slide your little one's feet and bottom out of the newborn and baby rompers, then back in once you finish changing the diaper. Try it out, and you (and your child) will thank us.

Not only will they be more comfortable with a quick diaper change, but they will love staying warm as you keep their top half covered throughout the change.

Don't worry about those messy blow-outs, either. RAGS baby clothes are so easy to put on and take off that you can get your baby cleaned up and ready to take on the world in no time.


Stretchy and Butter-Soft Material

Parents often describe our newborn rompers and baby outfits as "stretchy" and "butter-soft." (One-touch, and you will know why.) No matter which of these words they use to describe our RAGS clothes, we can't help but smile.

Both these characteristics were at the top of our list when creating our original newborn designs. Why? Think about what matters most when creating a healthy, happy life for your newborn baby. It would be best if you provided a comfortable environment where they can stretch and snuggle all day long to grow up to be strong, healthy toddlers.

If you dress your little one in tight, scratchy, stiff outfits, they will fuss and whine all day and night. We wanted to do better— so we only use the best butter-soft material available.

Along with being cuddly-soft, the material stretches just enough to make your diaper changes a breeze. Pull that material every which way to quickly give your baby a diaper fix before they notice what you are doing. It is the ultimate recipe for quick diaper changes and happy babies.

In addition to being soft and elastic, the material can withstand whatever your baby throws its way. Blow-outs and spit-up meet their nemesis. Now, you can quickly and re-wash your RAGS newborn rompers as many times as you need without experiencing unusual wear and tear.

Whatever adjective you love most about our RAGS material, you can bet that it will be just as buttery-soft, stretchy, and durable as it now when it is time to pass it down to younger siblings.

No Buttons, No Snaps, No Fuss!

Toddler rompers


The RAGS no-button design is a game-changer. Gone are the days when you spent several minutes at the beginning and end of a diaper change undoing the row of buttons along with your newborn's onesie. Those buttons should make undressing and dressing easy, but they only seemed to make it worse.

RAGS removes that complicated feature from the equation for a fuss-free design. There are no snaps, buttons, or zippers to fiddle with while changing your baby's diaper or dressing them in their pajamas. Instead, we let our patented neckline and Peek-a-Booty take care of it all.

Quickly pull the newborn onesie to the side for an easy outfit change or engage the Peek-a-Booty design to change their diaper quickly.

You will never lose sight of each other during the process, either. Your reassuring face can give your babe the confidence they need to make it through a diaper change without any tears making an appearance.

Flexible Sizing

RAGS kids clothes


When your child is young, you eagerly anticipate the day when you won't need to change their diaper as often, and they can go on their own. Then, suddenly, you miss the days where they needed your help and wish they would never grow up.

On the days that you wish they could change their own diaper, you will be glad that you had RAGS to fit their growing bodies.

Many parents lament about buying new onesies as quickly as you snapped the tag out of a month-old one. Leave the frustration behind and buy a long-term solution from RAGS.

Our stretchy fabric facilitates flexible sizing for all our baby rompers. Each newborn onesie gives your babe the room they need to grow, so you can buy a few rompers to get you through the rapid baby growth spurts stage with ease.

Don't worry about having to buy a new outfit every time your child grows an inch or two. Our newborn rompers last longer than a few months. Consider how much time and money you will save (and comfortable diaper changes you will experience)! Not only will your youngster be comfortable, but they will be comfortable for months.

RAGS: Your Go-To Baby Clothes for Easy Diaper Changes


The goal of RAGS is to make parenting as easy as possible.

We started RAGS to relieve the stress of non-stop diaper changes and dressing a newborn baby. Rachel Nilsson, our creator, thought there had to be a better way than the outdated designs and uncomfortable baby outfits. She believed that baby clothes should be fashionable and functional.

Years later, she designed RAGS' easy-on, easy-off pattern, which has become one of the most popular items among parents worldwide. From the unique Peek-A-Booty TM to the stretchy neckline, RAGS is the ultimate baby-changing machine.

You won't have to worry about getting caught up with snaps, buttons, or zippers, and you won't have to worry about taking too long.

Newcomers to the RAGS family quickly note how simple it is to change their baby's diapers after changing to RAGS. Outfit changes are easy. Potty training goes much more smoothly. Even small children love dressing themselves. Whatever it is that draws you in, our combination of features will convince you to stay.

RAGS patented neckline, Peek-a-Booty, butter-soft material, no button design, and flexible sizing make their baby clothes the ultimate "easy on and off" outfit for your newborn.

Take the phrase "no snaps, no fuss" to the next level and give your newborn the gift of quick and easy diaper changes.

If you are ready to make your move, do it fast. Parents sell out our top designs as soon as we restock them, especially those who care about hassle-free diaper changes.

Don't want to miss out on the latest drop but don't have enough cash on hand? We offer an AfterPay option that allows you to buy now and pay later by breaking your total cost into four interest-free payments. It is also a great option to use when shopping for a last-minute baby shower or kid's birthday party.

Whatever baby outfit you need, RAGS has it all.

Shop now for RAGS baby clothing before it is too late!

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