The Five Outfit Styles Your Little Girl Will Love To Wear

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When your little girl opens her closet, she’s choosing an outfit that will set the tone for her whole day. The fashionista in her may pick out the latest, trendy romper in her favorite color, or she may be in a dancing mood and choose a dress she can twirl in, around and around.

The outfits your girl will love to wear.

RAGS has a variety of outfit styles that even the pickiest kid will love to wear. With our patented neckline, soft, durable fabrics, and licensed characters galore to choose from, the whole world of fun, chic fashion is at her fingertips.

Here are five fabulous favorites from RAGS top-selling girl’s outfit styles.

RAGS Girls Rompers

Our easy on, easy off girls rompers will put your little one in a playful, happy, comfy mood for the rest of the day. With lively patterns and styles that sell out nearly as quickly as they drop, these are the hippest, trendiest styles for kids everywhere.

Cute Girls' Romper

Our unisex designs make them especially popular, since everyone loves our RAGS rompers. Your little girl has her choice of sleeve and pant styles so she can mix it up. There are cool tank tops and capris to long-sleeved and long pants to keep her warm in cooler temperatures.

You can use the Essentials style rompers for a base layer and build a whole fashion statement right on top of it with fun sweaters or jackets. Or, if she has her favorite Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney character, she can parade her passion around.

Hipster Girls' Star Wars Romper

RAGS Girls Dresses

What’s the vibe of the day? Is your kiddo feeling sassy or sweet? Hyped-up or more chillaxed? Our RAGS girls dresses have just the right amount of swish and swing for any mood. They’re dressy enough for a formal to-do or family photo op, but durable enough for a spin around the playground, too.

Girls' Swing Dress

RAGS dresses come with ruffles or more sporty styles. Some are tank tops where others have short or long sleeves. Like our RAGS rompers, you can mix it up with a little pizazz. These are perfect for both toddlers and older girls.


Unisex and gender neutral, RAGS tees are a go-to family favorite for the whole crew. There are styles for the whole family, from the ultra-cool stone wash look to a playful, sparky, and colorful print.

Girls' Tees & Shirts

Our licensed characters are popular additions to your kiddo’s t-shirt collection, whether she’s an R2-D2 fan or prefers a retro Disney look with Mickey and Friends. Since RAGS tees coordinate with lots of different RAGS outfit styles and they come in adult sizes too, they are a popular buy for families who are coordinating for an event such as a family photo or reunion. You can dress up your kid in a Mommy or Daddy and me style and rock the town together.

RAGS Joggers

Match up those tees with a RAGS jogger or sweatpants. Noted for their comfort and street-style, RAGS joggers are made of stretchy, durable material that holds up to the roughest hike or play date. You can buy these joggers large and let your kiddo grow into them so they last more than a single season.

RAGS Hoodies and Sweatshirts

These zip-up hoodies and fun sweatshirts are perfect for cooler weather and evenings. With their stretchy fabric, they’re the perfect shirt to snuggle into the soft warmth. With scenes from their favorite movies by our licensed collaborators, MARVEL, Disney, and Star Wars, and splashy prints, these are eye-catchers you won’t find anywhere else.

Our RAGS sweatshirts and hoodies are the perfect take-along to dress up a romper or dress. They add a little bit of style when the weather is a little chilly.

RAGS Now or Later

Your little girl has a huge selection of outfit styles from RAGS. With so many to choose from, you can’t just pick one! We have an Afterpay option so you can buy now and pay later in four easy-peasy installments.

This option is great, especially when we introduce our newest, latest styles. So many are disappointed when our popular styles sell-out before their paycheck comes in and we don’t want you to miss out. Watch our countdown clock to the next fashionable drop on our website and snap up that RAGS outfit for your little girl right away.

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