The Importance Of Play And How RAGS Jumpsuits Help Kids Thrive

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” -Fred Rogers

From peek-a-boos to a teddy bear tea party, playtime is when your kiddo’s creativity really shines. Scientists, doctors, and researchers all agree that play is absolutely essential for healthy emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. Parents should facilitate play by providing toys, space in different environments, comfortable and durable clothing like RAGS jumpsuits and rompers, but most important—the time to play.

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The Types of Playtime

Play takes on many forms. Some play is physical, with balls, swings, and trikes. Other play is intellectual, such as interactive books or nature hunts. And some play is imaginative, with cooking sets that look just like mom’s or rocking a baby doll to sleep.

While there’s no one type of activity that specifically defines play, scientists have broken down playtime into three different categories:

Social Play - When your child plays with you or other children and adults. Independent Play - When your child plays by themselves. Guided Play - Play that is structured or guided by an adult.

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What your child does during playtime isn’t important at all. What is play to one child may seem like a chore or a burden to another. Play isn’t the activity itself, but the spirit of playfulness. Even washing the dishes can turn into play, when bubbles become seafoam and a bowl turns into a boat that sails off into a grand adventure.

Playfulness is whimsy and fun. It is your child dancing to their internal tune, connecting with their physical and social environment in a way that feels safe and learning how to problem solve, interact with others, and test their abilities.

How RAGS Jumpsuits Facilitate Play

Many people underestimate the importance of a child’s outfit and how an outfit can impact a child throughout the day. RAGS jumpsuits facilitate play in multiple ways.

Comfortable Jumpsuits For Play

Comfort is priority. Comfort allows your child to fully immerse themselves in the moment. Comfort gives your child the freedom and security to fully explore, create, and thrive. And this is why RAGS jumpsuits are the perfect outfits for play.

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RAGS jumpsuits are flexible, stretchy, and soft. There are no scratchy seams, no snaps or buttons, and no pesky tags that distract your child. These outfits allow your child to focus on the serious business of childhood.

From your viewpoint, RAGS jumpsuits are durable enough to withstand rough and outdoor play. They are washable, with quality fabrics that last through plenty of wears.

Fashionable Jumpsuits For Social Development

One of the more important aspects of play is social development. When your child interacts with you or other kids, they are testing their boundaries and learning how to love, speak, and form friendships.

If your kiddo feels self-conscious about the outfits they wear, it can inhibit social growth and impact your child’s self-esteem.

A fashionable RAGS jumpsuit can make your little one feel like a star, like they fit in with the group, and lift their confidence on any playground. Since RAGS jumpsuits are on trend, your child can romp with the gang without a care in the world.

Jumpsuits That Spark Imaginations

Imaginative play stokes your child’s creativity, and it allows your child to safely explore their world. It is empowering for children and dressing up is a major part of imaginative play. Superheroes, princesses, robots, and dinosaurs are all staples of childhood fantasies. RAGS kids jumpsuits with licensed characters are top favorites and our other contemporary designs are just as playful as your kids are!

Dress your little girl in a Disney Princess girl’s jumpsuit, or pick out a Star Wars themed boy’s jumpsuit for your little Jedi. Our jumpsuits are unisex and work for any gender.

Let’s Play Today!

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RAGS jumpsuits are the perfect way to enhance that playful vibe. Get your child in that playful spirit by ordering a fun, whimsical, butter-soft, ready-to-play kids jumpsuit or romper. Take a look at our licensed and limited edition RAGS jumpsuits for sale now!

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