Things You Need to Know About Dressing Your Newborn

Best newborn baby clothes

Our little ones rely on us to dress them in comfy newborn baby clothes that allow them to stretch and grow. But sometimes, we can get it wrong.

Whether you are a new parent or a veteran, dressing your newborn for the day ahead can be challenging.

Should you pick trendy outfits that leave onlookers oohing and aahing? Are newborn one pieces worth the hype? What about weather changes? Diaper changes? Messy clothes and outfit swaps?

Before you know it, all these questions will leave you so intimidated that you won't know where to start. The parents at RAGS are here to help.

We compiled a list of the most helpful tips on how to dress a newborn. Hopefully, with these secret hacks locked and loaded in your arsenal, you can combat those frustrating moments when you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

Ready to learn how we decipher the best newborn baby clothes from the subpar ones? Us, too. Here is what you should know.

Tips to Dressing a Newborn Baby

How to dress a baby

Stock Up on Basics and One Pieces

Getting ready for your newborn to make their arrival? Focus on getting a few essentials, and your baby's wardrobe will have all they need to make it through their first few months. We recommend:

  • Five to seven rompers or newborn one-pieces
  • One to three soft leggings, joggers, or pants
  • Three to five tops
  • Seven sleepers
  • Several pairs of socks, especially if it is autumn or winter.

Along with buying a healthy supply of clothing items, consider opting for clothes in solid colors. Yellow, light green, pink, and lavender are lovely colors for newborn baby girl outfits. If you want to mix in patterns, we love florals, abstract designs, and polka dots.

Grey, dark blue, crimson, and black are some of the most popular colors for newborn baby boy outfits, with motifs like surf designs, forest animals, stripes, and checkerboards.

Perhaps the most useful key to shopping for basics is focusing on base layers. RAGS parents know that starting with a good base layer that is butter-soft against your newborn's sensitive skin is a vital step in dressing your infant.

Our RAGS newborn rompers are made of high-quality, durable fabric and ultra-comfortable material, providing a layer of protection for your baby from the elements.

The stretchy fabric gives your baby the freedom to move about while still offering a snug wrap to help them unwind. Built-in mittens and footies keep little fingers and toes warm while also relieving parents of the concern of losing those tiny socks that always seem to vanish.

It is the all-in-one solution that can remedy your newborn baby's wardrobe woes. Shop our collection of the best newborn one-pieces at RAGS to find rompers that you (and your little one) will love.

You Can Choose Function AND Fashion

Newborn baby clothes

It seems like new parents believe that when it comes to dressing their newborn, they should sacrifice fashion for function. But what if you can have both? There are baby clothing brands that offer function and fashion for an affordable price.

RAGS cares about function, ease, and fashion. Our newborn one-pieces and baby clothes are one-of-a-kind designs because of our versatility. Whether shopping for the best newborn one pieces, joggers, or baby tees, RAGS is every parent's go-to outfit.

Our baby clothes feature soft, stretchy fabric and our notoriously stretchy, patented neckline. Simply put your child's legs through, wriggle the one piece over the torso, and slide their arms in and out as needed. It is super easy to take on and take off, which makes every parent and baby happy.

Even better than that, our newborn baby clothes come in fashion-forward prints, patterns, and colorways. Seasonal, fun, stylish, sweet, and sometimes little rebellious designs and plain colors adorn our newborn rompers and one pieces.

The iconic RAGS graphics capture the perfect blend of trendy charm in bright florals, stripes, and illustrated prints. Keep your infant's wardrobe fresh with classic one-pieces and trendy rompers that are as fashionable as they are functional.

Make Diaper Changes Quick and Easy

How to dress a newborn

A day in the life of a newborn parent isn't complete without dozens of diaper changes. Even experts recommend changing your little one's diaper every two to three hours. But this can be a headache if you don't dress your newborn appropriately.

Choose clothes that make diaper changes simple. Instead, opt for one pieces without frustrating snaps, zippers, and buttons that can prolong the process.

RAGS rompers and one-pieces incorporate our high-quality design with patented necklines that you can slide on and off a squirming, impatient baby without the need for snaps or buttons. It will allow you to dress your little one from the bottom up without losing eye contact in the process.

Along with our stretchy neckline, our newborn rompers feature the Peek-a-Booty TM. This invention makes diaper changes as fast as ever. Simply use the convenient back opening to slide your babies' feet and bottom out of the newborn and infant rompers, then slide them back in once you finish cleaning up the diaper mess.

It's quick. It's easy. It will make your days with your little one as blissful as you imagined when they were in their mama's belly.

Always Have Extras On-Hand

No matter which outfits you buy, grab a few extra clothing items and keep them on hand. We are willing to bet that most parents think they have enough clothes for their newborn but quickly realize that they severely underestimated.

You will quickly run out of clean clothes with a newborn. It seems like they are always spitting up, making messes, or getting wet.

So, grab some extras, and then grab some more. You will thank yourself next week when you haven't had time to do laundry and need another one-piece.

Unisex Designs Make Handy-Downs Easy

Are you planning for another baby in a few years? Not sure if you will keep going? No matter where you find yourself, opting for unisex designs is the best bet you can make for your growing family's future.

Sticking to gender-neutral baby clothing will allow you to reuse the one-piece whether you have a little girl or a little boy.

Pretty clever, right?

Many parents will go to great lengths to dress their newborn babies in very masculine or very feminine outfits. But shopping for unisex clothes for the bulk of your newborn's wardrobe is a smart way to save money. Plus, gender-neutral designs are just as cute as those other guys.

RAGS specializes in gender-neutral baby clothes, unisex designs, and durable fabrics that any new parent will adore. Whatever clothing you are looking for, rely on RAGS to make your newborn's wardrobe cherished for years to come.

Focus on Durability

Blow-outs and spit-up are common occurrences in the parenting world. If you aren't choosing outfits that can withstand the newborn lifestyle, you will end up spending more money on new clothes than you allotted in your budget.

Shop for the best newborn baby clothes in fabrics with extra durability. RAGS baby clothes feature quality material that you can wash and re-wash several times without losing its integrity.

These qualities are essential to parents who want their infant's wardrobe to last. Along with being durable, all our RAGS newborn one pieces are machine washable and can be passed down to future siblings. A win-win in our books!

RAGS baby clothes are also popular among parents because they are an all-in-one outfit (no need to match tops and bottoms) that takes up less space in the diaper bag and the laundry.

If It has Buttons, Forget About It

Newborn baby clothes

Allow us to set this up for you. It's three a.m. and time for another feeding session. But first, you need to change your newborn's diaper. When you close the final snap on the inseam of the ones or the front of a footed pair of PJs, something isn't quite right.

You began to unbutton and snap, but it isn't aligning. Now, you must start the process all over again. Sound familiar? We are all too familiar with one piece mishaps, which is why we got rid of the snaps and buttons altogether.

RAGS uses a no-snap design and stretchy material to make the daily outfit and frequent diaper changes a breeze.

Follow our lead by opting for newborn baby clothes without these frustrating components. Believe us. You will be happy you did when you are changing your newborn in the middle of the night.

Some Items are Worth the Splurge

There are newborn clothes that might be worth the extra cost. A few RAGS parents don't regret buying include dresses for events and fancy occasions, baby swaddles, top knots, and printed one-pieces.

Since you won't dress your little one in these clothing items frequently, they will be in good enough condition to pass on to younger siblings.

You might also consider splurging more for frequently used clothing items that are high-quality. These quality fabrics will withstand many of the messes that your newborn will make without stretching out in the wash.

Baby Swaddles Do Wonders

RAGS newborn baby clothes

A discussion of how to dress a baby would be incomplete without mentioning the swaddling blanket, which your baby will end up using more than most of their baby clothes.

A plain cotton shirt, newborn one piece, or pair of footed PJs with a swaddling blanket over the top makes naptime bliss. Try it on your baby, and soon they will be sleeping through the night, tightly wrapped in their favorite blanket.

We suggest experimenting with a few swaddling methods before settling on your baby's favorite. Some mothers like a traditional muslin blanket, others prefer a stretchy fabric, and some use specialized sleep sacks that easily secure.

Our RAGS baby swaddles are modern and adorable, making them the ideal accessory for any newborn. Your baby will look gorgeous in an adorable RAGS baby swaddle, ready to pose for hundreds of photos and cuddle up to everyone who wants to cuddle.

Use your baby blanket on the go, as a stroller cover, for a tight swaddle, or as a nursing cover. Then, your baby can continue to use their swaddle as a toddler blanket, as they are big enough to grow with your baby while keeping them warm.

Dress in Layers

Dress your newborn in smart, weather-appropriate outfits, just as you do yourself. Similarly, keep in mind that it is much easier to remove a sweater than go home and change your babe into a different outfit, just like it is much easier to remove a sweater when they are hot during the day.

Layers are also a good method to keep your little one warm at night.

One formula that we recommend is using your RAGS newborn romper as your base layer, then a light sweater over the top. Then, of course, a swaddling blanket wrapped over it all.

If you are worried about a chilly winter night, you can also consider layering in socks, light PJs, or fleece PJs over the top.

Whatever the temperature, layering gives you room to modify your baby's outfit on the go.

Stick with RAGS Baby Clothes and One-Pieces

If there is one thing that RAGS knows, it is newborn clothes. No matter what you need, RAGS has it all. We offer a wide selection of baby rompers, newborn one pieces, and clothes.

Whichever item you buy, your little one will love you for it. So, stop asking how to dress your newborn— grab a few of our best newborn one pieces to make their first few years a success.

Want to buy but don't have enough cash on hand? RAGS offers an AfterPay system that lets you buy now and pay later. It's the perfect solution, too, if you need a quick go-to for a last-minute baby shower or party.

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