Tips To Get Your Toddler To Wear Their Kids Face Mask

Face masks have become the new normal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but many toddlers and kids may feel apprehensive about wearing their kids face masks. As parents, we want our kiddos to be protected and safe, but we also don’t want to frighten young children with heavy information about the pandemic.

So how do we get our cute toddlers and kids to wear their face masks while keeping the grown-up worries at bay? Here are a few tips from RAGS about wearing kids face masks.

Lead By Example And Wear Your Mask

Toddlers and littles are notorious for mimicking behavior. What their big brothers and sisters and parents are doing, they want to do, too! So if you’re wearing your face mask, they’ll naturally want to be part of the fun and have one, too.

One of the best ways to get your toddler to wear their mask is to start wearing your mask in a familiar environment. You can model your own mask around the home. Some kiddos are extra sensitive to new environments, and when you add face masks to the mix, it can make a trip outside the home extra frightening. If your little one is familiar with you wearing a mask, that outside trip will seem more like an adventure and not something to dread.

If big brothers and sisters are around, having them wear their masks can also alleviate fears. Plus, if your whole family wears matching masks, it can make your kiddo feel like they’re included.

Get Fun Kids Face Masks With Fashionable Patterns, Favorite Colors, and Soft Cloth

RAGS kids face masks come in your kiddos favorite patterns and colors to coordinate with their favorite outfits. When your kid feels like their face mask is the best of the best with the coolest fashion in town, they’ll proudly wear it.

Kids Cotton Reusable Face Masks from RAGS - Floral, Navy, and Purple Paint Roller Styles

Often, the opinions of toddlers and small kids are dismissed when it comes to fashion choices. However, like most parents, we’ve learned that kids have strong opinions on what they feel comfortable in and want to have a say in what they wear. You can contribute to their self-esteem by giving them face masks they are excited to wear and meet their exacting standards.

Not only do you want to provide an array of options for your kiddo to choose from, you want the masks to be comfortable to wear. RAGS kids face masks are a soft buttery cotton blend cloth of 48% Cotton, 47% Modal, and 5% Elastane.

Kids Reusable Cotton Face Masks from Rags - Camo, Green Paint Roller, and Black Styles

Because toddlers are in the developmental stage where they are developing emotional intelligence and taking cues from facial expressions, masks often cover up those social cues. Some parents are choosing masks that have funny facial expressions, cartoon smiles, or even masks with animal faces to make wearing masks extra fun.

Kids Face Mask Games To Make Wearing Masks Fun

Little kids and toddlers likely don’t care very much about an invisible germ. It can be hard to comprehend how important it is to wear a face mask, and forcing your little one to wear a face mask can lead to temper tantrums and meltdowns.

So how do you make wearing face masks fun?

Here’s a few awesome ideas to make wearing kids face masks fun again.

Get a matching kids face mask for your toddler’s favorite stuffed animal or doll. When they can play dress up with their toys and match their fashion with their favorite stuffed friend, it can make wearing their face mask fun.

Play peek-a-boo match up with your masks. Make a funny expression under your mask and tell your kiddo to make a funny face too. Take off your masks at the count of three and see if your funny faces match!

Get a doctor kit with a plastic stethoscope. Your kiddos are used to their doctors and nurses wearing masks when they have their well-child check ups. Let your little one pretend they’re a doctor and nurse too while wearing their mask.

Draw pictures of the whole family wearing their masks including your toddler. Let your kiddo see the representation of themselves wearing a mask with everyone else.

Another fun idea is to let your kiddo draw their own pattern or favorite character on their paper mask. You could make it extra fun by providing stickers to add.

Plan Fun Outings While Wearing Your Kids Face Masks

As you make your plans to go out and about, make part of the outing extra fun but with one rule: Your kiddo must wear their face mask. If your little one does a good job keeping their face mask on, the last stop of the outing can be a treat or reward.

Here are a few fun-filled things you can do with your kiddo:

  • The park for a socially distanced outdoor activity (make sure to bring along hand sanitizer)
  • Ice cream for a sweet treat
  • A picnic for an outdoor lunch
  • A driveby parade for a loved one who is quarantined

How To Buy Kids Face Masks

There are many online options to purchase kids face masks. With RAGS, you’ll receive darling kids cloth face masks in plenty of patterns and colors that are unisex and perfect for both boys and girls.

Check out these kids face mask options:

Visit us today at RAGS to protect your kiddos with our cloth kids face masks.

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