Top Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

Top Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, full of cheer, giving, and adventures in the snow (depending on where you live, of course). If you’re not careful, though, the holiday season can slip away as quickly as that last piece of pie! To help you make the most of every moment, we’ve put together a list of four fun and easy traditions to start this holiday season. The good new is, none take much money or preparation. So, pick a new tradition and make this season with your family the best it’s ever been.

4 Easy and Fun Family Traditions to Add to Your Christmas Celebration

Since family traditions are a key piece to making the holidays so special, you’ve got to first make time for you and your family to be together. Start early, make sure everyone’s on board, and pick one evening a week during December to do something fun. Wear matching family Christmas outfits to make your outing extra memorable (more on that later). The best outings are when you make them unique to your family, so get input from all your family members. Pour that hot chocolate, pop open the Advent calendar, and let the fun Christmas family traditions begin.

Tradition #1: Do a Christmas Lights Tour

Snow or no snow, there is something magical about seeing festive twinkling Christmas lights at night. Fortunately, much of the United States gets dark earlier during the winter, so even young kids can enjoy the lights before bedtime. Make it a point to drive around and experience that magic together. You can do so on foot, bundling up and walking around downtown or in your neighborhood. You can also plan a drive and view the magic through car windows, jamming to your favorite Christmas tunes.

Some homes now coordinate their lights to Christmas music, so you can stop and enjoy the show in the comfort and warmth of your car. Many city centers and downtown areas have display windows and other Christmas activities in addition to Christmas lights if you and your family prefer a night on the town with other holiday shoppers. For a fee, some businesses will jazz up parks or golf courses with large moving Christmas light extravaganzas that you can drive through. There’s a little something for everyone. With a bit of research, you and your family can enjoy the goodness of Christmas lights just the way you want.

Tradition #2: Decorate a Gingerbread House

Decorating gingerbread houses has to be one of the sweetest activities, pun intended. You don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen to have a good time decorating these candified edifices. Let’s be honest: most kids just care about the candy, so don’t stress about perfection and have fun.

If you have young kids or kids who like to do it all themselves, give each of them a bowl of candy (old Halloween candy works great, or there are plenty of holiday options), a canister of frosting, and some graham crackers on a plate. Let them go wild, creating (and eating) their own.

For more team-building family fun, make a more elaborate house plan and give everyone a piece to work on. You can go as complicated or as simple as you like. There are so many gingerbread house options, and we’ll list a few below:

  • Ready-made small or large store-bought kits
  • Fresh store-bought kits
  • Combination of make-your-own and store-bought gingerbread, cookies, graham crackers, or frosting
  • Gingerbread towns
  • Gingerbread house competitions

Are you catching the vision? The best part is spending time together, laughing when walls collapse or designs fall short. From simple graham cracker boxes to gingerbread mansions with tiny lights, this tradition is another one you mold to fit your family’s style, preferences, and interests.

Tradition #3: Watch a Christmas Movie Together

After a large Christmas dinner or maybe a hectic Christmas shopping day, it feels good to put your feet up and snuggle in for a Christmas movie together. For this Christmas tradition, the possibilities are endless: choose a family favorite to watch every year, or pick a new one each time. You can choose to watch a movie on the Christmas story, a Christmas classic, or perhaps a comedy or Hallmark special. Christmas films are the perfect activity for families needing a night in and parents needing a break from Christmas prep. 

Tradition #4: Give Your Family Matching Family Cozy Sets

For your kiddo, there is little more magical than Christmas morning. However, getting a chance to open a present a little early comes close. Gift your family matching Christmas outfits or cozy sets as a fun way to start the magic early. When to gift your outfits is up to you. You could gift your matching sets at the beginning of the month, which gives your family a chance to snuggle in them multiple times during the countdown to Christmas. You then have the bonus option of taking family photos in them by the tree for holiday cards. Or, you can gift your family Christmas outfits on Christmas Eve, so everyone has something comfortable and cute to wake up in on Christmas morning.

Just think, how much cooler would your Christmas traditions be if everyone had something comfy and festive that they loved wearing all season long? There’s a reason matching family outfits is our last and most popular tradition. With our RAGS Christmas collection, matching family Christmas outfits go from hokey to awesome. Check them out today. 

Enjoy the Holiday Season in Comfort with RAGS

Our RAGS family prioritizes adventures, laughter, excitement, and togetherness, and there is no better season to do this than during the holidays. Stress less about finding the perfect outfit and go for fun. Our quality RAGS Christmas collection is made out of buttery soft material that stretches four ways, so you will want to wear your cozy sets all holiday long. And why not? They are rad, comfortable and durable, with a high-quality standard that parents approve. Our unique and classic Christmas designs are fun for the whole family, and there are sizes for everyone! RAGS offers matching family outfits and Christmas outfits for any member of the family, including:

  • Matching family Christmas outfits
  • Baby Christmas sets
  • Baby Christmas rompers
  • Toddler Christmas rompers
  • Toddler girl Christmas outfits
  • Toddler boy Christmas outfits
  • Christmas kids clothes
  • Matching cozy sets for mom and dad

Give the gift of comfort and cool, and snag your matching family Christmas outfits today. Your kids will thank you, and you will feel even cozier than you look as you carry out all of your Christmas traditions in your outfits. Go bold. Shop the Rags Christmas collection today.

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