Trendy Baby Rompers to Gift This Holiday Season

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Finding the perfect gifts for the holidays sometimes isn’t an easy task, especially when you have little ones. Gifting clothes is always a solid choice because we all know that kids grow fast. If you’ve got a few kiddos in your life that you are shopping for this year, check out all of our baby boy and baby girl rompers. We’ve also got toddler boy and toddler girl rompers for every age. In this gift guide, we’ll cover what to look for in kids’ winter clothing and throw in a few of our trendiest RAGS for this winter season!

Baby Clothes to Gift in the Winter

What are a few things to look for when shopping for baby boy and baby girl rompers this winter? First, look for long sleeves and long pants. A long-sleeved, lightweight romper is ideal for the cold weather because you can layer for outside, but your baby won’t be too warm inside.

Can we talk about how cute these latest winter styles are? The darker, winter tones make these RAGs the most adorable addition to any winter wardrobe. Our RAGs come in many colors and styles, so be sure to shop around for the perfect gift for your little one. To top it off, many of our rompers are gender-neutral for even easier shopping.

Need some suggestions for baby boy and baby girl rompers? Here are a few of our trendy baby rompers that make great gifts this holiday season.

Baby Girl Romper Styles for Winter 2021

Infant Rag in Camel

neutral baby romper in camel brown color

When it comes to baby girl romper styles for winter 2021, nothing beats something soft and comfy. Our Infant RAG in Core Colors is a simple but functional staple in any baby’s wardrobe. This gender-neutral romper comes in two colors: phantom and camel. Dress your kiddo in this comfy newborn girl romper for those cozy days at home. With our convenient peek-a-booty™ back opening for easy diaper changes, all you have to do is slip your baby’s legs out of the RAG for a fast diaper change. This RAG comes in sizes 0M-12M and is one of the best infant girl rompers to gift this holiday season.

Floral Embroidery Puff Sleeve Romper

black velvet baby girl romper with embroidered florals

Our Dainty Floral Embroidery Puff Sleeve Gather Waist RAG Romper is a perfect addition to any little girl’s wardrobe. The puffed sleeves, gathered waist, and gorgeous floral embroidery with velvety-soft fabric are little details that make this RAG super cute. Just like the rest of our RAGs, it comes with a super-stretchy neckline which makes outfit changes fast and easy. It comes in sizes 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-8M, 18-24M, 2T, and 3/4Y.

Floral Long Sleeve Romper

baby girl wearing long sleeve floral romper in winter 2021

For any basic addition to a winter wardrobe, look no further than our Overlap Floral Long Sleeve Romper. Use this RAG as a base for your kiddo’s unique style by dressing it up or down. Featuring our dynamic stretchy neckline, 5-snap placket, and rolled leg cuffs, this baby girl romper jumpsuit is sure to be a favorite for you and your kiddo alike. This adorable RAG comes in sizes 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, 18-24M, and 2T/3T/4T/5T girl rompers.

Baby Boy Romper Styles for Winter 2021

Geostar Layered Sleeve Romper

blue neutral long sleeve romper for baby boy or baby girl

When you’re looking for baby boy romper styles for winter 2021, you’re probably looking for something to keep your little one warm and comfortable. This is where our layered RAGS come in. This Geostar Layered Sleeve Big Hip Pocket RAG Romper is not only super cute, but its layers also keep your baby toasty on those cold winter days. Layers can be added to any of our RAGS to dress them up or down depending on the weather. This RAG is available in sizes 3M-5/6Y.

Skate The City Hooded Romper

long sleeve skateboard baby boy romper with hood

Need more baby boy romper styles for winter 2021? Our Skate The City Long Sleeve Hooded Rag Romper is the RAG your kiddo needs for hitting the town. This snapless rag keeps your little one warm and cozy. Plus, the innovative romper is easy on, easy off for those on-the-go diaper changes. The soft, stretchy fabric means unrestricted movement for those wiggles.

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