Trendy Kids Clothes: 5 Ways for Your Kid to Dress to Impress

Just like adults, it’s important for kids to put their best foot forward by presenting a clean and stylish appearance. They interact with friends and peers on a daily basis, and the way they dress can affect their confidence, comfort, and coolness. Even if your kid has no desire to be the most stylish or popular kid in class, you can still help them to not be teased or mocked and to wear clothes that make them happy. Check out these tips for incorporating trendy kids clothes and helping your child dress to impress.


Care for Clothing Correctly

Every time you purchase an item of clothing, it comes with a label containing specific instructions for proper care. It may be tempting to toss all their clothes in together, but resist the urge! Following the manufacturer’s guide can prevent fading and help clothes last longer. 

Put laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer. This one can present a challenge for busy families, but it pays off in the end. Your child will look infinitely better in clothes that are neatly ironed or have been folded or hung to avoid excessive wrinkling.


Find Clothes That Fit

Many parents purchase clothing that is too big for their child so it can be worn longer. While there may be some wisdom in that, be careful not to size up too far. Big, baggy clothing looks sloppy. If you must size up, try not to go too far. 

The same works in reverse. When your child insists they need to keep wearing their favorite shirt that is several sizes too small, try offering other fun options. This is a great opportunity to let them choose the next item of clothing you purchase for them.


Comfort is Key

Remember that the clothes you love may not be the same clothes your child loves. Dressing for comfort doesn’t have to mean wearing sweats, it can simply be choosing clothing that your child likes wearing. Let their personality and fabric preferences be factored into their clothing options so they will still feel like themselves. This can have a huge impact on their confidence, not to mention the frequency with which they wear the items you have purchased.


Be Practical

You also want to consider whether the trendy kids clothes you love will make sense for the activities your child will be participating in. If you know your kid loves to play soccer or hang from the monkey bars at recess, then a fancy dress is not likely to go over very well. (Try these dresses instead!) If your child loses things easily, you may want to scale back on the accessories. 

Layers can also be a child’s best friend. The temperature may change throughout the day or in different settings, or your child’s amount of physical activity might cause his or her body to get hotter or colder. Dressing in layers makes it easy to adjust for comfort without an entirely different outfit or bulky coat.


Make Trends Work for You

Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean your kids will like it. However, if you spot something you love and want to make it work, consider how you can incorporate it into their style. Tone it down, mix it up, change the color, pattern, or fabric, or add accessories that your child loves. You can still choose trendy kids clothes and get your child to wear them if you work together.


Where to Find Comfortable & Trendy Kids Clothes

You can find affordable and trendy kids clothes, that also happen to be super comfortable, from Rags. Peruse tee shirts, rompers, dresses, accessories, and even clothing for adults and babies. You’ll love the variety of patterns and designs available, and your kids will love the way they feel. To learn more about dressing to impress and find more tips and trends, check out other fun posts on our Rags blog.

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