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As a newborn's parent, dressing your baby in the right clothes can make or break the day. But how can mommies and daddies get it right when their babies are fussy and don't want to cooperate? Those moments can be tricky. Veteran parents understand this baby dressing secret—pack your infant's closet with RAGS baby clothing essentials to ensure you and your little one smile all day (and night) long.

Brand new babies are schedule-disrupters, with wonky sleep schedules, a flurry of diaper changes, and piles of dirty clothes. Dressing your little one should be the least of your worries. Since you want your baby to look photo-ready for all those special milestones, our team compiled a list of baby clothes tips to make dressing your infant a success every time. Here’s what you should know.

Tips to Baby Clothes Shopping

Know What You Need

Clearly understand which items your baby needs in their wardrobe. Here's a list of newborn basics from RAGS to keep on-hand. You can use it as a minimal guide when shopping.

Baby Rompers

Baby rompers can serve as an easy-on, easy-off outfit in summer or a starting layer in the winter. Having more than a few in your kiddo's closet also gives you leeway to wash a couple of loads a week while still having clean ones stored away just in case.

Look for baby rompers with wide openings, stretchy material, and loose legs. Too many snaps, seams, or a too-tight fit can make diaper changes and outfit swaps difficult for both you and your baby. Instead, look for the RAGS patented neckline and seamless design that allows you to dress your baby from the bottom-up. Plus, your RAGS romper offers a butter-soft base layer against your newborn's sensitive skin.

Baby Pajamas

Your baby needs comfort and security as they learn to sleep through the night. One-piece baby rompers serve well as baby pajamas, since they are oh, so soft! There are short-sleeved and long-sleeved options to interchange depending on the weather. You can also add an extra layer during those extra cold nights by swaddling your baby in a light-weight swaddle.

If you want easy access for diaper changes, the RAGS patented Peek-A-Booty™ system is perfect for those nighttime changes. This provides easy diaper access while keeping your baby’s torso covered.


Undershirts are another essential item to add to your baby's closet. Although you can use baby rompers as an undershirt, you can also add a few bodysuit options to wear under joggers or pants. You should still look for undershirts that feature stretchy necklines and soft material, or your baby could get frustrated as you try to pull the shirt up and over their head.

Baby romper

Baby Swaddle Blankets

One item that no baby should be without is a swaddle blanket. Wrap your baby in a RAGS baby swaddle to keep your newborn feeling safe and secure but give them enough room to stretch and move their cute little bodies. You can also use your baby swaddle blankets on-the-go, as a stroller cover, for a tight swaddle, or as a nursing cover.

Baby swaddle

Choose from our single or duo packs. A duo RAGS baby swaddle has two blankets in complementary prints. RAGS baby swaddles aren't limited to traditional prints so you can add an artistic, unique flair to your baby's room. Find a swaddle that matches your baby nursery or choose a print from a variety of other options.

Baby Beanies

Did you know that most body heat escapes from the head? This is why every baby needs a beanie or two to top off any look. Look for ultra-soft top knot baby hats with material that won't irritate your baby's newborn skin. Soft caps help cover the ears and keep your little one warm no matter the weather. If you want to splurge, do it on baby top knot hats -- these items are the least likely to get ruined by spit-up and will look adorable with almost any outfit.

Baby Hat

Opt for Soft Materials

As you shop for new baby clothes, look for pieces that are soft and cuddly. You don't want to irritate your baby's fresh newborn skin with itchy fabrics. Instead, choose articles of clothing that are soft, breathable, and durable. You may be tempted by frills and lace, but we recommend placing any item that is scratchy, stiff, or, otherwise uncomfortable back on the shelf. Your baby can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Choose Easy On, Easy Off Styles

Snaps, buttons, and zippers all usually require more dressing time. With RAGS patented necklines, our baby rompers don't have the muss and fuss of fasteners, so you can quickly get your all-in-one outfit on and off in one fell swoop.

Once you experience the RAGS difference, you won't look back. RAGS baby rompers are perfect for any season and there are plenty of options in sleeveless, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve and capri-style or full-length legs.

RAGS baby rompers are easily paired with cardigans, jackets, or other accessories but are just as cute on their own. Mix these rompers with other patterns for a truly fashion-forward look to make your baby the best-dressed newborn on Instagram.

Buy More than One

Baby clothing can be ruined at any second thanks to spit-up, bottle spills, and messy diaper accidents. RAGS rompers are durable and stand up to multiple washings. But the reality is, there are some messes that even the most high-end washing machines can't fix. That is why we recommend buying more than one of your favorite baby rompers.

These extra options will come in handy, especially on days when the laundry pile is too high or your favorite was soiled.

Shop RAGS Baby Rompers Online Today!

Designed with comfort in mind, RAGS provides parents with all the baby clothing items they need. Our unique baby rompers feature classic styles with patterns, colors, and characters to make any wardrobe complete. Stocking your babe's closet with these baby rompers will make you the raddest parent on the block.

RAGS baby clothing is designed to layer up or down in any season and comes in sleeveless, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve and capri-style or full-length legs. Pair our baby rompers with sweaters, cardigans, joggers, or other baby clothing items, or leave them on their own for a trendy, all-in-one outfit.

Say goodbye to hard-to-manage outfit and diaper changes. Your baby will love wearing RAGS' baby rompers. The comfortable fit, stretchy neckline, and butter-soft material will keep your little one snug and comfortable. Dress your newborn in the latest fashion with darling options— add RAGS' baby rompers to your newborn's closet by visiting our site today. We also have options for kids of older ages.

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