We’re Reinventing the Onesie: How We Designed the Best Newborn Baby Clothes

While Instagram culture may have you believe differently, life as a newborn parent isn’t always giggles and stroller jogs in the park. It’s a lot of rushed mornings, dirty laundry and spilled bottles.

RAGS newborn rompers were designed for all the hectic moments that come with parenting a newborn. They’re the perfect, fuss-proof romper: comfortable for them and easy for you. But, Rags newborn rompers don’t sacrifice style

Designed by a mom for other moms, RAGS was created in order to fill a gap in the kids’ clothing market. What resulted was a simply unconventional, stretchy, snap-free romper and a cult following. The Peek-a-Booty™ opening and stretchy fabric make for lightning-fast diaper and outfit changes. 

If you’re searching for the best newborn baby clothes, keep reading below to see why our RAGS Essentials line is the easy, stylish option you won’t find elsewhere. (And to all those parents washing their tenth bottle of the day: congrats on making it through another day of newborn life — you’re doing great!)

How RAGS Designed Better Baby Rompers

Newborn Baby Romper

No Snaps, No Fuss

Snaps can be annoying and take forever. 

We thought: what if there were no snaps? No zippers? No buttons? What if we used the flexible power of stretchy fabric to design a romper that fit like your favorite t-shirt: snug in all the right places, loose where it matters, and easy to put on and take off. 

Easy On and Off 

Because of the lack of snaps, zippers, and buttons, and the addition of extra stretchable, buttery soft fabric, our baby rompers are easy to pull on and off. The dynamic stretch neckline easily fits over the head of even the squirmiest baby before retracting back to its original shape. 


“Quick” diaper changes never feel that way, do they? When you have to undress your infant just to swap out that dirty diaper, it seems like there could be a better way (especially since diaper changes happen every couple of hours).

Enter our Peek-a-booty™ design. We created a diaper changing hack that not only keeps your baby happier, but saves you so much time. Think about every diaper change you make in a week — that adds up to a lot of minutes. The Peek-a-booty™ means no more diaper-changing gymnastics that traditional onesies require. 

Colors and Designs You’d Love to Wear

Baby Rompers

When it comes to baby clothes, we wanted something practical, but undeniably stylish; everyday clothes that fit our own style. Modern, stylish colors and bold patterns that stay comfortable through grocery store runs, afternoons at home, traveling, or all the other normal activities that fill you and your baby’s routine.

RAGS baby rompers are perfect for passing down to little siblings, cousins, or friends. Premium modal cotton gives you more mileage than most newborn clothes. 

The Best Newborn Baby Clothes are at RAGS

Check out our Essentials collection for the everyday rompers, cardigans, tees, and joggers that are a great foundation for your baby’s wardrobe. Then, shop our newborn clothes collection for seasonal prints, limited edition styles, and cozy hats in our cult-favorite fabric.

If you like what you see, follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date on our latest releases and newest styles! From newborns to kids (and a few items for you, Mom or Dad), RAGS is the brand that grows with your family — in comfort and style.

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