What Makes RAGS Clothing So Unique and Different

Not every business started in a garage ends up with national fame and success. But if the idea hit upon is unique enough, if it meets a big enough need for a decent portion of the population, and if it has just the right combination of timing and luck, you’re looking at a recipe for success.

That’s all RAGS founder and CEO Rachel Nilsson did, really. Hit on a great idea that fulfilled a need and then achieved national success with it. But what makes her idea so unique and different is the personal side of her story that led her to where she and RAGS are now.

Keep reading to find out more about RAGS and what makes their rompers and other products stand out from the pack.

What’s a Romper?

Every extra cent counts when you’re in school. Nilsson understood this. So when her husband was in grad school, she started a little business selling her kids’ hand-me-down clothes on Instagram. Gradually, she noticed the clothing items that were selling the most were the pieces she’d sewn herself. That led to the realization that she could and should be selling clothes for a living. 

One of the items she was sewing for her toddler was a romper, an item of clothing that connects from the shirt to the pants in one seamless, full-body piece. She’d gotten tired of dealing with the bells and whistles that typically come with a toddler’s romper and designed a piece for her kid that was easy to put on and pull off. She called it The Rag.

She made the very first Rag for her toddler out of her husband’s old t-shirt, and it was perfect. It fit her kid, it was functional, and it wasn’t bad on the eyes, fashion-wise. Nilsson quickly realized that that was what was going to set RAGS apart from other kids clothing companies: fit, function, and fashion. 

RAGS toddler rompers today come in a variety of sizes and fits, all designed with functionality, comfort, and fashion in mind. 

RAGS Expanded

RAGS went on to claim three separate bids from the popular TV show, Shark Tank. This launched Nilsson’s company to the forefront of publications like Forbes, PopSugar, and HuffPost. After working to market and sell her rompers, Nilsson saw the opportunity to expand into another niche.

The need for well-fitted, functional, and fashionable clothing isn’t limited strictly to toddlers. That’s why RAGS has branched out with a unisex t-shirt line, giving parents the opportunity to experience the three F’s (fit, function, fashion) for themselves, as well as the chance to match with their kids as those kids wear the toddler rompers. 

And the brand itself has taken off in such a way that RAGS even has children’s accessories including hats, stickers, and pins, all designed to complement their rompers. 

From a garage to Shark Tank, RAGS has held true to its initial goal: creating a product that solves problems and looks good while doing it.

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