Why 2020 is the Year of Kid Rompers and Jumpsuits

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Kids Rompers & Jumpsuits for 2020


We are only a few months into 2020 and fashion trends are already popping up on people's radars. One style that continues to make a scene are rompers and jumpsuits. While it is no surprise what makes the all-in-one style so popular among adults, parents may have been hesitant to try it on their children. Kids clothing companies are hopping on the bandwagon with a variety of kid romper and jumpsuit varieties. Whether it is an all-denim look, pocket jumpsuit, cotton, tie-dye, or something different, rompers have quickly become a favorite of kids everywhere. Here are a few reasons why.


Reason #1: All-in-One Outfit

Does it take forever for your kids to pick out one shirt? An entire outfit? Most kids have an opinion on what they wear. Whether you pick their clothes, or they do, no one wants to spend the majority of their morning trying to figure out what they are going to wear. Kid rompers and jumpsuits are the perfect solutions for anyone wanting to cut back decision time without sacrificing style. Kids can wear their jumpsuits by itself or pair it with a denim jacket, light cardigan, or trendy vest. However you style it, rompers and jumpsuits make it a lot easier to get your kid dressed in the morning.


Reason #2: Comfortable AND Stylish

The main reason why rompers are popular comes down comfort. Throw on a new jumpsuit or romper and you’ll feel like you are walking around in your pajamas all day. Who doesn't want to wear comfy clothes all day? That's why so many designers and people are jumping on the romper trend. RAGS have specialized in creating kid rompers and jumpsuits from high-quality fabric and ultra-comfortable material since 2014. Kids can experience supreme comfort for themselves. Have your kids try on a Rag romper, and you’ll both get why 2020 is all about kid rompers and jumpsuits.



Reason #3: Mommy-and-Me Matching

Another big trend for 2020 is matching family outfits. Whether you are capturing an Instagram photo or want a memorable moment for yourselves, mommy-and-me matching is fun for everyone involved. Jumpsuits are a great choice for this trend because it makes your job simple. You can find rompers and adult tees that perfectly match one another or create an allusion with your kid wearing a jumpsuit and you wearing separates in matching colors. Find several options on the RAGS website and try the mommy-and-me trend for yourself.


Reason #4: Unisex Outfits

Did you know that rompers are not a gender-based trend? Rompers and jumpsuits work for any gender. Whether your child is 2 or 6, boy or girl, you can find a romper that works for them. With a variety of different patterns, sleeve lengths, and unique styles (like hip pockets!), your kiddo can rock a short sleeve jumpsuit or tank top romper. Rags rompers can be worn year-round, from season to season. Simply layer the romper with a cardigan or denim jacket for chillier weather and an added pop of style.   


Reason #5: Great for Any Activity

Rompers and jumpsuits are also the best choice for kid activities and shenanigans thanks to soft material and machine-washable fabric. Have you ever wondered why kids never wear jeans anymore? It's because denim tends to limit movement due to its stiff fabric. Rompers are the complete opposite. Blending leggings and sweats into one, jumpsuits and rompers are soft, stretchy, and perfect for your active (crawling, walking, or running) baby, toddler, or school age kiddo. Whether your kid is going to school or a playdate, you can throw them in a jumpsuit or romper and feel confident they will be comfortable all day long.

If you are worried that kid rompers aren't dressed up enough for fancier functions, think again. You can easily dress jumpsuits up or down, depending on your needs. Here is a step-by-step guide to giving your kid's romper or jumpsuits an upscale twist:

  1. Pick your romper or jumpsuit - use this piece as your base.
  2. Layer with a cardigan sweater or jacket over top
  3. Add a few accessories, like kid’s jewelry, a trendy hat, or faux fur vest
  4. Swap out kid sneakers for dress shoes or formal flats


These are just a few reasons why so many people are loving kid rompers and jumpsuits in 2020. Whether you have toddlers, kids, or teens, you will want to get on this clothing trend before the year is over. If you want to discover what makes kids jumpsuits and rompers so great, browse the RAGS website and read our 5-star reviews. Find a few Rags to throw in your kid's closet today.

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