Why Kids Love the RAGS Jogger

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When it comes to clothes, kids make up their minds pretty darn fast on what they like. Just ask them – they’ll tell you exactly how they feel about their clothes. Good or bad. That can be helpful when you take them on shopping excursions but can be frustrating when you bring things home for them to try. It can be exhausting remembering which styles your child approves and those they hate. Believe us, we’re in your same parenting shoes, day in and day out.

Another piece of the puzzle is finding something that fits the latest styles. You want your kiddo to wear the cool kid clothes. You’re willing to spend money on children’s clothing that is on trend but don’t want to spend a fortune. Many of the newest kid clothing brands are overly expensive, especially since children grow at alarming rates. Fortunately, RAGS Joggers check all the boxes your kid and you want in a clothing item.

Check them out.


First on deck is the Bluestone Stone Wash.


This ultra-trendy jogger is our most-popular pair. Not only is the wash unique, but it features a unique twist—kneepads. How many pair of pants do you have that bring the cool factor all on their own? You can add these joggers to your kid's closet, and it will be the first clothing item they reach for when picking out their next outfit.

You can style these joggers with a plain tee and watch as your kid gets compliment after compliment. What makes the RAGS jogger so popular also goes beyond the look -- you can get a fit that matches their growing shape perfectly.  Whether they are tall, short, growing fast, or somewhere in-between, RAGS Joggers are a great jogger for any kid. With 10 sizes available from 2T – 12Y, you can create the ideal tailored fit for your kiddo.


Our second pair of kid joggers is the Black Denim Stone Wash.



These unique stone-wash variety match nearly everything in your kid's closet. Not to mention, the jogger is super comfortable. Comfort is vital for kids, and if your child cares at all about the look and feel of their pants, these RAGS Joggers will quickly become their new favorite. These stylish joggers feature a unique stone-wash, blue side panels, soft fabric, faux zipper, and welt pockets. You can grab your child a pair of these joggers and style them a graphic tee, denim jacket or flannel tee, and their favorite shoes for an on-trend look.


The last set of kid joggers on deck is the Indigo Blue Denim Stone Wash.


If you thought joggers were only for the boys, think again. Kids of all ages, sizes, AND genders love RAGS Joggers. This Indigo Wash will pair perfectly with most items in your closet. Just as these kids styled their light blue and gray joggers with plain colors and bright ones, so can you. You can get away with just about anything thanks to the subtle blue and black shade varieties. Plus, you won't need to worry about wear-and-tear thanks to premium fabrics and machine-washable material.

Grab your kid a set of joggers from RAGS today. Each pair costs $38.50 or four interest-free payments of $9.63. Please browse our site today to find which kid jogger matches your child best.

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