Why RAGS Are Perfect For Children With Autism or Sensory Sensitivities

As a parent, shopping for your children’s clothing may have its advantages. After all, who doesn’t love picking out matching mommy-and-me outfits or little baby shoes? However, for parents of children who have autism or other sensory-processing sensitivities, shopping for clothing can be difficult, even discouraging. Some children may be sensitive to certain textures, others may have a strong distaste for tight-fitting clothing, zippers, buttons, or snaps. Finding what works best for your little one isn’t always easy. The last thing you want is for getting dressed to be both a literally and figuratively painful experience. 

Don’t hit the panic button during your search for adaptive clothing, because RAGS is here to help. Our rompers are made from sensory-friendly materials and can help your child to feel comfortable and independent. Here are some of the reasons why the Rag is beloved by children with sensory sensitivities, as well as their parents:


Sensory Friendly

RAGS rompers are sensory-friendly, made from premium materials that are incredibly gentle on the skin. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the Rag is soft enough to wear all day long. In fact, the Rag is so butter-soft that your child may never want to take it off!


RAGS Kids Romper Review - Treehouse T.


With no scratchy seams, irritating tags, or the hassle of zippers, buttons, or snaps, our kid rompers help children with autism and sensory sensitivities feel comfortable throughout the day. The loose-fitting design of the Rag allows for full range of motion while still lightly hugging the body for maximum comfort.


RAGS Kids Romper Review - Ann T.


Encourages Independence

Not only are RAGS rompers comfortable on sensitive skin, they’re empowering for children of all ages. Designed with an elastic neckband instead of irritating fasteners, like snaps or zippers, the Rag encourages independence in every child. The elastic neckband on every romper is simple to use—rather than pulling a bunched shirt over their head, kids just step right into the Rag! Your child can get dressed in a matter of seconds, giving them a sense of control over getting dressed and their daytime routine in general. Developing those self-care skills from a young age, no matter how small the task, has a lifetime of benefits.

 RAGS Kids Romper Review - MarLie L.


No More Battles

Trying to find clothes that your sensory-sensitive child loves is difficult—finding coordinating pants and shirts that are also gentle on skin and meet their unique preferences can be nearly impossible. Luckily, the Rag is an entire outfit rolled into one convenient romper. The choice between a matching outfit or a comfortable one is totally eliminated when your child wears a Rag.

Additionally, the Rag offers endless options for mixing and matching. Your child can wear the romper by itself, or layer over it with fun jackets and accessories to switch it up. No matter your child’s favorite color or design, there’s a romper style for everyone, making the “getting dressed battle” a thing of the past.


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Encourages Imagination

You know better than anyone that your child is extraordinary. One of the most common misconceptions is that children with autism or Asperger’s syndrome have a deficit in imagination, but it’s just not true. In fact, many people with autism are highly gifted artists, musicians, even poets. Your child may express their creativity in unique ways, and RAGS rompers can help. Kids rompers like the special-edition Disney and Star Wars sets encourage imagination and allow children to feel free to be creative in any way they desire.


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Makes Kids Feel Safe

Perhaps the most important thing you want for your child with sensory sensitivities is the feeling of safety. Whether a physical location or favorite toy, finding things to make your child feel safe is crucial, particularly when it comes to clothing. RAGS rompers act like a security blanket, lightly hugging the body without being restricting. Not only can they help to ease stress in your little ones, RAGS rompers can improve their mental health by giving them a feeling of safety and security while wearing a romper throughout the day.


RAGS Kids Romper Review - MarLie L.


Your child deserves to wear clothing that helps them feel safe, comfortable, and independent. Each RAGS romper is designed to make your child feel just that. With patterns and designs to fit every unique preference, the perfect romper for your little one is just a click away. Visit our website today to view our selection of kid rompers and make the process of getting dressed a joyful one for your child.


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