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Rag Bag FAQ

What is a Rag Bag?
  • A ‘Rag Bag’ is a crazy good deal on a mind-blowingly fun mystery! Select your gender + size in a Rag, kids tee, or dress. You could score TONS of never before released Rags, kids tees, and dresses, plus a few everyday favorites, and even some favorite sold out goodness!
When will Rag Bags be released? How long will they be available?
  • Rag Bags will be available starting Thursday, October 14th, 2021 at 10am MST. Quantities and availability are while supplies last, so we recommend to be on right at 10am MST to snag what you want! Shop on

What is the price for a Rag Bag?

  • Each Rag Bag Rag (Boy or Girl | One per bag) will be $29 each (normally $45!)
  • Each Rag Bag Kids Tee (Boy or Girl | One per bag) will be $15 each (normally $32!)
  • Each Rag Bag Dress (Girl | One per bag) will be $29 each (normally $42!)
Is there a limit to how many Rag Bags I can order?
  • There is no limit! You can order as many Rag Bags as you would like, while supplies last by gender and size.
What styles will be included in the Rag Bag? Will holiday items be included?
  • We reserved lots of NEW styles slated specifically for our mystery Rag Bag sale! Other options include newly released styles, everyday favorites, and even some sold-out faves.
  • Essentials, Disney, Star Wars, Newborn, and all Holiday styles are excluded.
Can I select a gender for my Rag Bag?
  • Yes! Rag (3-6 months - 5/6Y) and kids tee (2T - 11/12Y) Rag Bags will each have a boy and girl option. Dress Rag Bag (2T-11/12Y) is available only in a girl option. Each item is a mystery.
  • Each item is pre-determined as 'boy' or 'girl' by RAGS.
  • If you feel there was a mistake made in the slated gender for an item (after you have received the product), please email We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate a request for an exchange but we are happy to review.

What options will be available for Rag Bag this year?

  • On the morning of Thursday October 14th, 2021 at 10am MST, the following separate options will be available to purchase, while supplies last:
    • Mystery Boy Rag for cool weather (Long Pant, Short, Long, or 3/4 Sleeve): $45 $29 
    • Mystery Girl Rag for cool weather (Long Pant, Short, Long, or 3/4 Sleeve): $45 $29 
    • Mystery Boy Rag for warm weather (Capri or Short Pant, Tank or Short Sleeve): $45 $29 
    • Mystery Girl Rag for warm weather (Capri or Short Pant, Tank or Short Sleeve): $45 $29 
    • Mystery Boy Tee for cool weather (Long or Short Sleeve): $32 $15 
    • Mystery Girl Tee for cool weather (Long or Short Sleeve): $32 $15
    • Mystery Boy Tank: $32 $15
    • Mystery Girl Tank: $32 $15
    • Mystery Girl Dress for cool weather (Short or Long Sleeve): $42 $29
    • Mystery Girl Dress for warm weather (Tank): $42 $29

Can I purchase a Rag Bag on the RAGS Apparel App?

  • If you try to purchase a Rag Bag on the RAGS Apparel App, you will be redirected to to place your order. 
What are the chances of getting a duplicate Rag, kids tee, or dress?
  • There is a low likelihood of receiving a duplicate of the same style within the same size, even across multiple orders placed with the same email address. You may still receive the same style across different sizes.
  • We cannot 100% guarantee no duplicates will be sent, nor can we take any requests for an order to include matching Rags (same or different sizes), or ensure no duplicates (if different sizes are ordered).

In an effort to expedite fulfilling Rag Bag orders, we have implemented a NEW question at checkout. You will be asked, 'Are you okay with receiving duplicates in your Rag Bag?' if Rag Bag items are in your cart.

  • If YES is selected, you may be sent duplicates within the same Rag Bag type AND size (i.e. 2T Boy Rag Bag Rag), only if unique options are not available for your entire order.
  • If NO is selected, you may be contacted by our customer care team only if your entire order can not be fulfilled with unique options.
  • If you do NOT select either option, we will assume you do not want to receive duplicates.
Can I combine shipping on multiple Rag Bags?
  • Our fulfillment center is unable to combine or split shipping on any orders. Each order is unique and cannot be combined or split for any reason.
What is the policy on returns or exchanges for Rag Bags?
  • All sales are FINAL on Rag Bag items. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.
  • We cannot exchange or alter an order once it has been placed.
  • Please email our dedicated Customer Care team at if you have any questions about your order. Please be advised that it may take longer than normal to get a response due to the high volume of Rag Bag questions. 
What if I receive a defective item in my Rag Bag?
  • In the rare instance that a defective item goes out, we are happy to offer a full refund (of the sale price) with the return of the defective item. Please email our dedicated Customer Care team at and they will be happy to review.
What is the fabric for Rag Bag items?
  • Fabric varies, based upon each item, but every item features our signature soft, stretchy fabric!
When will my order(s) ship?
  • Due to the high volume of orders for Rag Bags, products ordered in Rag Bags will leave our fulfillment center within 5-10 business days.
Why has someone who ordered after I did (during the day) receive a shipping notification before me?
  • We will have several shipping specialists working on pulling orders, which may account for some orders being fulfilled before others.

What if there are technical issues with the site?

  • We cannot combine shipping or offer a shipping discount if there are technical issues with the site.