How to Create a Summer Activity Schedule for Kids

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Don't Skip a Summer Schedule for Kids (You'll Thank Us Later!)

Ahh, summer is here! The days are warmer, and the nights are longer. It's the time of year we've all been waiting for, especially kids. If you're a parent with children in school, you may know the importance of maintaining some semblance of routine during the long, hot summer days. 

But what if you're new to having kiddos on summer break? Is having a daily summer schedule for kids really worth it? At RAGS, we say yes! Having a schedule for your kiddos has many benefits. Let's chat about why you and your kids will love it, and give you some ideas of things you can try.

What Do You Mean by "Summer Schedule"?

You might be thinking, "Hold up–I thought the whole point of having a summer was to abandon all schedules? To not stick to any routines? To give kids a break from having everything scheduled during the school year? And what does a summer schedule even mean?"

Your kids probably stick to a similar routine every day with their sleeping and eating schedules. But a schedule can be one that incorporates additional summer activities for kids throughout the days and weeks to keep everyone from getting bored. 

This is the coolest part about having a summer schedule–you get to call the shots! One peek around on Pinterest or other family blog sites, and you'll find many different types of summer schedules. It can be as scheduled or relaxed as you'd like. Some parents choose to have more detailed daily schedules of activities, such as times to complete chores, work on summer reading, self-care, and meals. Other parents compile a list of things to do based on themes and let the kids pick what to do. However you roll, you can't go wrong. After all, having a summer schedule is better than just winging it all summer (but don't worry, we've all been there, too).

Why You'll Love a Daily Summer Schedule for Kids

You've probably experienced days where there's not much of a plan, and no one really knows what to expect. Kids get bored, adults get cranky, and things start to feel stale. When you create a daily summer schedule for kids, everyone will know what is expected. You'll love having a plan for the day, and everyone in the house will be happier! Plus, you'll have the added comfort of knowing you're spending your days doing less screen time and more quality time together.

Another reason you'll love having a summer schedule is that it will force you to think outside the box. You'll have the opportunity to try many things you might not have done before. It can be a game-changer for many moms struggling to find things for their kids to do all summer. 

Why Your Kids Will Love It, Too

All moms know that kids are creatures of habit and thrive on predictable schedules. Kids learn more and feel more secure when their daily routines are familiar. Here are some other benefits of keeping a schedule:

  • Kids know the plan for the day and know what's coming next

  • Incorporating new elements into a schedule can keep them learning

  • Gives them an opportunity to work on goals 

  • Helps them develop self-discipline 

Here's the biggest bonus: scheduling fun activities daily will give your kiddo the most entertaining summer ever!

A Sample Schedule to Get You Started

Most likely, your family probably already has somewhat of a routine that they follow. Your family probably wakes up around the same time each day, eats meals around the same time, and sleeps around the same time. So maybe you can ask yourself, what can I add to our daily routine that will help my kids have a blast this summer?

One easy summer schedule option is to pick a theme for each day of the week and select activities based on that theme. Each week's activities could be the same or different; it's up to you! 

  • Moving It Monday 

Here's your chance to get the kids outside and get some fresh air! Go on a bike ride or a hike, visit a favorite playground, strap on some rollerblades or skates, play a favorite sport, fly a kite, visit the skate park, hunt for bugs, and plant seeds – these are just a few ideas of things you could do for Moving It Monday.

Wondering what you can have your kids wear to help you tackle Moving It Monday? Our Go Outside Short Raglan Sleeve RAG Romper is just the answer. Not only is this kid's romper perfectly themed, but your kiddo will be ready for any adventure.

  • Tourist Tuesday 

Perhaps there are activities in your community that are more "touristy" that you haven't done yet? For Tourist Tuesday, take the chance to let the kiddos do things that are not normally on your schedule. You could visit a new museum, take a train or bus to somewhere new, complete a scavenger hunt, create a photography challenge around your neighborhood, set up a tent in the backyard, look for a free summer activity in the community, try a new restaurant and eat it at the park, and visit a local farm. Once you start looking around, you'll probably see many new things to try as "tourists"!

We all know that tee shirts are classic staples in many tourists wardrobes, so this is the perfect opportunity to dress your kids in our Kids Tee in Multiple Colors. Not only will your kiddos be comfortable in our signature butter-soft tees, but they'll be ready to see anything!

  • Hobby Humpday 

Get creative juices going on Wednesday. Do some crafts, make some art, complete a science project, decorate a room together, learn a new hobby, let the kids get crazy with the sidewalk chalk, play some music, experiment with blowing bubbles, paint some rocks, try a new recipe, and make bird feeders. When you're creating things, the possibilities are endless.

Encourage your kids to get creative with our Make Some Noise Short Rolled Sleeve Kids Tee. This soft, stretch fabric tee will be their favorite companion for all their creative moments.

  • Thoughtful Thursday 

Thoughtful Thursday can be a day where your kiddos stay home with sensory toys, take a trip to the library to load up on their favorite books, or learn about something new. You can also do some small, simple acts of service for others to show you're thinking of them--like helping a neighbor with yard work, baking treats for friends, writing a pen pal, or donating things they no longer need.

Get cozy for Thoughtful Thursday with our Kids Joggers in Multiple Colors. These versatile joggers are comfy enough for fun summer activities at home but durable enough for anything outside! They will quickly become a favorite around the house.

  • Fun Friday 

Oh boy, doesn't everyone look forward to Friday? We know kids do! Here's your chance to get your kiddo's suggestions for super fun summer bucket list items. Things like having an epic water fight, taking a trip to the pool or beach, setting up a lemonade stand, playing night games, going crazy at the dollar store, building an epic fort, roasting some s'mores, visiting an amusement park, having a squirt gun fight, and playing board games. Need more ideas? Ask your kids--they'll give you some!

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