How to Dress Your Kids in a Romper

From sizes, to preferences, to fabrics, there’s a lot to consider when you are clothes shopping for your child. Not only is it time consuming, you often have to ask yourself, “should I buy something cute or something comfortable?”. As a parent, you’re probably looking for a way to simplify the process of buying clothes for your child. Luckily, the answer is much easier than you may think: kids rompers! Rompers are fun, fashionable, and solve the “cute or comfortable?” question. 

However, knowing which romper is best for your child and how to dress them in it can be difficult, which is why RAGS has the perfect guide for you. Keep reading to see a few of our tips and tricks.


How to Choose the Best Romper for Your Child

Priority One: Comfort

More than anything, your kid should feel comfortable in their clothing. Often, parents find that the clothing they picked out in a store only irritates their child’s skin, leading to itchiness, rashes, and general discomfort. Also, young children like infants and newborns can’t tell you when an outfit may be uncomfortable, which is why choosing a romper made from high-quality fabrics is so important. We recommend rompers made from high-percent cotton or modal materials.

Rompers are convenient because the stretchy materials are easy to grow into. Rather than buying new pants every few weeks for your growing child, you can pick a romper that will last a few months, saving you time and money. Not only will your kid be comfortable, they will be comfortable for months at a time!


Something Easy to Clean

All kids can be messy. It’s usually not a matter of if they will spill on their brand-new clothes, it’s when. A durable romper that’s easy to clean is every parent’s dream when it comes to spills and stains. Choose a romper that can be thrown in the washer without any worry. 

When messes turn from bad to worse, you need a way to remove your child’s romper in a hurry. Traditional rompers have snaps, buttons, or zippers, which are difficult and time-consuming to pull on and off. We recommend rompers with an elastic neckband for quick cleanup.


Find Something Stylish

Your child is anything but boring. Their fun-loving, giggly personality should shine when they’re wearing a romper. Find a romper that reflects THEM, whether it’s patterned with stripes or superheroes. Boys & girls alike can find a stylish option from these unisex rompers.


How to Dress Your Kids in a Romper

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect romper for your child, it’s time to style it. Follow these steps for romper success.


Keep it Simple

Rompers, especially patterned ones, are a complete outfit on their own. There’s no need to worry about your child’s pants matching with their shirt, hat and shoes because the matching has already been done for you! Keep your kid’s outfit as simple and seamless as possible by avoiding excessive layering on top of their romper.

Having a toddler romper is particularly useful when you need to keep things simple. You know better than most: toddlers never sit still, especially when you’re trying to dress them. However, their wiggles are no match for the Rag romper, which has neither buttons nor snaps.


Make them Feel Like a Big Kid

Little girls and boys love the feeling of being a “big kid”. While you may not want them to grow up too fast, you can help them feel grown up through their clothing. Help your child feel like a big kid by choosing a romper with a big-kid pattern. From Disney to Star Wars, these kids clothes and rompers are perfect for your 6-year-old who is going on 16.

Kids everywhere go through the “let me do it” stage, and some kids never grow out of it. It can be tough to let your kid take control of making dinner or a craft project, but it should be easy to let them have control over getting dressed. A romper with an elastic neckline makes getting dressed as easy as 1, 2, 3 — even for toddlers. Skip the traditional rompers with buttons and snaps and your child will feel like the ultimate big kid.



Rompers are fun because they can be easily accessorized for a simple, yet innovative outfit. Dress your child’s romper up with the addition of a fun hat or bow. If the weather’s cold, a plain textured jacket is the perfect stylish accessory. Even adding cute sunglasses can turn a romper into a whole new outfit. We love accessorizing with bright shoes and a backpack, too.

While accessorizing with a romper is always a good idea, try not to overdo it. If your child is already wearing a patterned romper, don’t add a hat and jacket with more patterns. Stick with something plain and textured as an accessory, and your boy, girl, or baby will be out-of-this-world stylish.

If you need a kid’s outfit that’s fun, functional, and fashionable, you need a romper from RAGS. RAGS has options for boys and girls of all sizes and ages. See what makes RAGS so unique and different by visiting our website today.


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